Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Butt-Sniffing Celebrities

I had another celebrity sighting a week or so ago while summering in my vacation beach house in Venice. Ed Helms or somebody who looks like Ed Helms (not sure…I’m short and couldn’t get a good look-see) discussed me in front of my Auntie Nerdia.

I was out doing my morning constitutional when this person or person-look-a-like came up to a car parked near us and asked Nerdia what I was (I get that a lot), then said I was wirey but cute (I also get that a lot). I never know how to take that; but seeing as it came out of the mouth of a possible celebrity, I guess I can give him the benefit of the doubt. However, unlike Sherrif Lee Backa in LA, I am not partial to show people. The grandfather of Ed Helms never contributed to my welfare in any way. I got no two-day reprieve when I was stuck in an LA dog jail, waiting to be rescued by Perfect Pets. So I’m no LA celeb-snob butt-sniffer by nature…although that is the nature of my species.

Ed plays Andy in The Office (US version). Nerdia and Coolia watch The Office and sometimes I look on. Ed was funny…especially that time he was floating down the lake in a psudo-fat wrestling outfit…yeah, that was funny. Nerdia kept rewinding it.
But honestly, watching a piece of furniture is just not my thang, you know. (One of my favorite writers, David Foster Wallace wrote about that once.) I'd rather be out sniffing dog-butt. That's where the real theater is.

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