Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol - Kids are Hella Good


Lakisha Jones - "Last Dance"

Coolia: I enjoyed it. It was nice to see Lakisha do something other than a ballad or torch song, something lively.
Nerdia: I loved her outfit. Donna Summer songs are hard to sing. Most people don't realize that. Lakisha did a great job. I just wish she'd smile more sometimes.

Chris Sligh - "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic"

Coolia: I thought it was ok. I couldn't tell he was going off-tempo, but then I lack rhythm.

Nerdia: I agree with Simon...a mess. Chris is just not a balladier and he's not emoting it. But what songs did he have to chose from? I was confused this week by the rules. Were these Gwen Stefani's favorite songs or something? I thought the introduction was confusing.

Gina Glocksen - "I'll Stand By You"

Coolia: Nice song choice, but I was a bit bored. She looked great. Can't believe she cried when she met Gwen. Get a grip, honey, it's not like meeting Mother Teresa.

Nerdia: She made me like this Pretenders song. I loved this performance. She looked strong but vulnerable. She does better when she can just stand there.

Sanjaya Malakar - "Bath Water"

Coolia: Sanjaya rocks the faux hawk. This proved a disasterous move for Nadia Turner in Season 4, but I'm sure Sanjaya will be OK. He comes out looking as fierce and resilient as a Spartan warrior, then whispers and shuffles through his routine. Oy.

Nerdia: Loved it, loved, it. Loved the F.U. hair and the song choice. He still doesn't completely sell it (I agree with Randy and Paula) but somehow he entertains me. He's now working the camera ala Constantine.

Haley Scarnato - "True Colors"

Coolia: Haley's true color is white. Could she be any more white? No, none more white. This was bland, and I agree with Gwen she should have left the melody alone.

Nerdia: Dull song dully performed. She should have kept sexing it up. When Paula says Pretty Girl it smarts, kind of like "honey, at least you're pretty."

Phil Stacey - "Every Breath You Take"

Coolia: Wow, this is the first time I've liked Phil. Maybe it's because his cap covered up his shiny head and protruding ears. Actually, it was a good vocal, and he had good stage presence.

Nerdia: Boring.

Melinda Doolittle - "Heaven Knows"

Coolia: Like Lakisha, she chooses an uptempo Donna Summer tune and proves she can do it. Like Simon, I hated the outfit, but another good vocal.

Nerdia: No kidding but when I was younger I thought this song was too old school for Donna Summer! It stuck out on her Greatest Hits Vol 1 and 2 album set. Unbelievable that Melinda would pick out this more obscure song of Summer songs. And I'm so over her Gomer Pyle grins.

Blake Lewis - "Love Song"

Coolia: I never thought I'd hear a Cure song on Idol, and I have to give Blake points for that. Unfortunately, his version bored me. It was too slow.
Nerdia: He made The Cure sound like Morrissey. Loved it.

Jordin Sparks - "Hey Baby"

Coolia: A gutsy song choice and she mostly pulled it off, although she seemed out of breath at times. Crazy outfit. This emphasized her youth, which should help her.
Nerdia: I'm sorry but gray is not sexy. She's too apple pie for me.

Chris Richardson - "Don't Speak"

Coolia: This was a good song choice for him and he reminded me that he does have a nice voice. I just can't get all fired up over him.
Nerdia: I don't like to watch him sing. He looks like he's in pain.

Guest Judge -Gwen Stefani

Coolia: I didn't think she added much to the show, but I liked her dig at Sanjaya. She had opinions if not great advice.
Nerdia: I appreciated her honesty in her interview but wondered how honest she was being to the contestants' faces. The way the show was cut we didn't see much interaction.


Coolia: Haley goes home. Chris S. and Chris R. round out the Bottom 3.

Nerdia: Heley home, Chris S. and Phil

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Review: Color Me Kubrick

I wouldn't say I'd been conned, but I was disappointed by this film. It didn't live up to the wackiness promised by its trailer. It's The John Malkovich Show. To put his performance in Kubrick terms, think Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Once again, Heeeere's Johnny!

Color Me Kubrick is based on the true story of Alan Conway, a gay con artist who duped many by pretending to be Stanley Kubrick. His deceptions range from borrowing 20 quid from a couple of punk rock dudes for vodka and cigarettes (the punks reason: "rich people never have cash on's vulgar") to co-signing for a large loan for a nightclub owner to convincing a British lounge singer to take him along on his holiday by telling him he can get him a gig in Vegas.

It's an interesting premise. As a film geek, I'd recognize Kubrick on the street (if he were still alive, that is), but I guess many people wouldn't. The reclusive director certainly didn't have the recognition-factor of a Hitchcock, a Tarantino or a Spielberg. Could you pick John Ford or Peter Weir out of a lineup? Probably not.

But the movie never delves deep enough into Conway's psyche to make us understand his motivations or sympathize with him. I didn't find him appealing, and I also didn't feel sorry for most of his victims, who are portrayed as just wanting to be near someone famous due to their own shallowness and vanity. Malkovich can be enthralling and seductive, as he was in Dangerous Liaisons, but here he's mostly just irritating.

The costume designer had fun with Malkovich, and his outfits keep things amusing. There are also several musical nods to Kubrick films, and director Brian Cook (who served as an assistant director to Kubrick), and writer Anthony Frewin (Kubrick's personal assistant) certainly know their source material. Still, there doesn't seem to be much structure to the film, and it comes off as a series of con vignettes without any overarching plot to tie them together.

All in all, while the film has some entertaining moments, I'd have to recommend it only for big John Malkovich fans.

And as an aside - I never get tired of watching Kubrick bully Shelley Duvall in the brief but amazing "making-of" documentary on The Shining DVD. It was directed by Kubrick's teen daughter Vivian!

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Edgar Takes a Bite Outta Sanjaya

This time of year is difficult for me. Coolia continually devotes two nights per week to watching American Idol when we could be watching agility contests on Animal Planet. As if that weren't bad enough, Nerdia can't stop going on about one of the contestants - Sanjaya - and his hair. He is the Samson of this show - if you took him to Petsmart for a good grooming, he would be nothing.

I am used to getting the hair compliments around this blog. There was a time when Gotti Hotties roamed the earth, when my hairstyle was in. Now I'm yesterday's reality hair news. I might as well have Farrah hair, except that I'm afraid of the blow dryer.

If you are one of those Sanjaya groupies, you might enjoy Nerdia's haiku tribute to him - The Sanjaya Mala-kus. Personally, I'd rather read Old Yeller even though it doesn't end well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash my hair.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol: British Invasion Induces Hysteria!

Haley Scarnato - "Tell Him"

Terry: No bra, sheer and shiny shirt with short shorts.....uh, did she sing something? Wow! I had no idea she had that bod hidden under there. Yowza! Playful and fun and a even a bit minxy. Probably her best yet.
Coolia: I guess Antonella left her shorts behind. Haley is smart to take over the sexpot role, and her performance was actually pretty good.

Nerdia: Saucy and smart.

Chris Richardson - "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying"

Terry: Decent voice with a suave demeanor and delivery. Not great but good enough to stick around.
Coolia: I'm not feelin' Chris. He seems kind of saccharine.

Nerdia: The first performance of his I've liked. Smooth and groovy. I thought the girls would eat that up.

Stephanie Edwards - "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"

Terry: Zoinks. For one of the better voices she did not pull that off. It was a nice controlled effort but she wasn't able to project the feeling of the song. Didn't care much for this.
Coolia: I think Stephanie did a decent job with this demanding song, but she's not radiating much personality. She's probably the prettiest of the divas but that may not be enough to keep her around.

Nerdia: This song requires kind of an attitude of pining innocence. Young girl struggling with love. Stephanie looks too smart to pull it off. Cher did a better job when she was 16 and she couldn't match socks.

Blake Lewis - "Time of the Season"

Terry: Nice updated spin on this one. I dug it. And the live crowd dug it, too.
Coolia: Loved it. He's got great energy, and even a bit of sex appeal. This was the perfect song for his voice and it allowed him to make his special sound effects. Blake, you can be my daddy anytime.

Nerdia: K.E.W.L.

Lakisha Jones - "Diamonds are Forever"

Terry: I was yelling at the TV, "Listen to LuLu! Listen to LuLu!" She didn't listen to LuLu. Her worst yet. But, her worst is still better than most of the others.
Coolia: I disagree - I thought it was good, if not sensational. She looked great - loved the green dress and the diamonds. At times, she seemed to be imitating Shirley, which she didn't need to do.

Nerdia: I LOVED this performance. Thought the judges were all wrong and that she showed us a more sophisticated side. It gave me a chill actually...her whole blinged out doo and her eyes when she sang the song.

Phil Stacey - "Tobacco Road"

Terry: Decent but something was missing. It wasn't angst but it was something like that. Then Simon said it. "Grit." Yup, that's what it was missing. That realness of having been there and experienced it.
Coolia: I don't see why this guy is still around. This was just a generic bar band performance for me.

Nerdia: So utterly dull.

Jordin Sparks - "I Who Have Nothing"

Terry: I got chills. This little flower is blossoming right before our very eyes (and ears).
Coolia: Fantastic. And it made me think how great a Tom Jones night would be. She really connected with the emotion of the song, more than I would expect a 17-year-old to do.

Nerdia: This was a dissappointment for me. I felt she never really let go into the song. She's too young to understand the songs underlying pathos.

Sanjaya Malakar - "You Really Got Me"

Terry: Ugh! That's by far the most life he has shown but the singing was TERRIBLE!! I applaud his bravery for letting it all hangout but someone hang ME if this madness doesn't end soon.
Coolia: I thought this was Sanjaya's best yet. Sure, he doesnt have the best voice, but he's got energy and a lot of tween appeal. Watching that little girl get hysterical was a riot.

Nerdia: H.O.T.!!!!

Gina Glocksen - "Paint It Black"

Terry: Weak. Weak. Weak. But, compared to Sanjaya's vocals....Brilliant!! Yet, still weak.
Coolia: Sounded muddled and mumbly. It's hard to take on an iconic Stones song when you're not Mick.

Nerdia: This was a mess. She needs to get that hair out of her face, too. I know the whole hair in your face is cool and all, but America needs to see you to vote for you.

Chris Sligh - "She's Not There"

Terry: Perhaps I'm wrong, but his affable self seems to be turning into a bit of smugness. Good vocals with a few mis-cues along the way. Certainly tried to put on a good stage performance. B+ for effort.
Coolia: Good job working the room, but kinda pitchy.

Nerdia: Chris Sligh has hit his threshold of interesting for me. He always sounds the same. And I agree, too much eyebrow raising for what he's bringing to the table. It's hard to see him emote when we can't see his eyes. (see Gina note above).

Melinda Doolittle - "As Long As He Needs Me"

Terry: Hello, Jordin? Don't forget about me! Wow! Best of the night again! And, the best she's ever looked to boot (bout damn time those money grubbing stylists and pubicists earned their keep).
Coolia: Good, but didn't blow me away. I don't really like the song.

Nerdia: It's outrageous that Lakisha gets slammed for sounding old with her performance this week and Melinda sounds and looks old every freakin week! This week was the worst...old hair, old dress, old body, old song sound, old vocal stylings. Even her "aw shucks!" mugging has grown old. And the judges lap it up.

General Comments

Coolia: This show was one of my favorite episodes ever. Great songs and Peter Noone and Lulu were two of the best guests ever. They both seemed to really know and understand the show and they gave very specific advice. All that, plus the hysterical Sanjaya fan!

Nerdia: some great performances this week. Kudos to Peter and Lulu who were very enthusiastic and fun.


Terry: Gina goes home. Oh God how Sanjaya deserves to go home, be the sole member of the bottom 2 (him and his hair) and the sole member of the bottom 3 (him, his hair and
his smile), but I fear the power of the American teeny-bopper girl. Good lord, that crying, shaking, bout ready to pass out little girl said it all. And that's exactly what's wrong with our beloved American Idiots. Sigh. God bless America!
Coolia: Phil goes home. America is tired of looking at his Nosferatu-esque self.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

American Idol: Who Was the Boss

Diana Ross: Guest Judge

Terry: Did anyone else feel as though they were stuck in a 3 Stooges short? What a revoltin' development that was! Diana Ross was just another shill (unfortunately, as I expected).
Nerdia: Me too. She was C.O.L.D. just as I expected. What was that about them announcing her as the most successful female recording artist of all time? I think Madonna and Mariah would be surprised by that claim.
Coolia: I actually liked her better than I expected I would. I thought she gave some good, specific advice, even if she did make the kids call her Ms. Ross (Diana if you're nasty?).

Brandon Rogers - "Can’t Hurry Love"

Terry: Boring. He made the ultimate Idol error of forgetting his words.
Nerdia: No flair. Dull as dishwater. Phil Collins did a much better version. How many times can you say that? How could Randy say Brandon let us down? He’s never let us up!
His body movements are too slow for the song. I've finally been pushed to the other side of the "not sure if I like his voice" fence....the bad side. He needs to go back to being in the back. His days are numbered.
Coolia: I tuned in late and missed him, but it sounds like I didn't miss anything.

Melinda Doolittle – "Home" from The Wiz

Terry: I liked her take. Didn't blow me away as she has in the past. I LOVED that she was so genuinely touched by the audience's reaction to her performance. I don't think that was an act at all.

Nerdia: Her tears were touching. That will win her points. I can’t decide if she’s really an eek meek or just playing an expert card trick on us all. One thing I am sure of: she aint under 30 years old. She did make a boring song interesting. I always fast forward through this one in The Wiz.
Love this song...Home!!! I have to say Stephanie Mills did it MUCH better (not a fair comparison). Melinda continues to reign supreme over most of the other singers but there's still something a little "off" for me....can't put my finger on it.
Coolia: She's so professional and polished, and she seems to truly be a good person. But can she win it without a neck?

Chris Sligh – "Endless Love"

Terry: I applaud his guts (or stupidity) in taking such a risk. But, he failed miserably. He completely lost the innocence and unbridled emotion of the song.
Nerdia: You just can’t rock out this song. He droned it out. It takes a tender touch. How embarrassing to get voted off this way.
He has a realy nice voice, but the arrangement made a classic love song into a commercial jingle song. He unromanticized (word?) it. Gotta still vote for him, he stepped way outside the box....if only to step into a pile of steamy you-know-what.
Coolia: He needs to keep the glasses on. Removing them did not transform him into Superman. The Coldplay-esque arrangement left me, umm, cold.

Gina Glocksen – "Love Child"

Terry: Boring. For such an energetic (and emotional) song there was no energy emanating from her. Good vocals but no presence or real emotion.
Nerdia: I didn’t like her hair all in her face all the time. Not great – lackluster song choice made for ill-self-advised sentimental reasons.
Deb: Her low range start wasn't so good. She could however teach Brandon how to move on stage. Unfortunately, she's a rock and roll black sheep in a room full of R & B white sheeps. Her days are numbered.
Coolia: I wasn't crazy about the song, but I can't really think of a Diana song that would have suited her better. Not a good theme for the rock chick, but still a strong vocal.

Sanjaya Malakar – "Aint No Mountain High Enough"

Terry: He's a deer caught in the headlights when he sings. Or, he sleep sings. He projects as much charisma and emotion as a thimble. Maybe even less. Enough already. Go home!!!!
Nerdia: I’d rather watch Sanjaya’s sleepy performances than Brandon’s lazy ones. Or Haley’s.
Deb: OK his hair (the real star here) worked....just not with that awful sweater. This was awful on so many levels. Let this kid go America...PLEASE.
Coolia: Talkin' 'bout a Sanjaya revolution...and it a whisper. I kind of enjoy Sanjaya even though he's way out of his league. He's a cute kid, and at least he doesn't have the nerdy arrogrance of past annoying Idol teen dreams Jon Stevens and Kevin Covais.

Haley Scarnato – "Missing You"

Terry: Bit of a mess. Began rough (pitchy, out of sync with the song) but she did end well (surprised me with her power in hitting those power notes and her strength in that power range). And then she followed Brandon's lead in forgetting the words. But, maybe people were too distracted by that
awful dress to notice that gaff. Her little display of emotion at receiving a backhanded compliment from Simon may save her.

Nerdia: I’m worried Haley may turn into our next Diana Degarmo and slip right through to the end. She’s really lackluster. Completely botched this song. Simon was mesmerized by the cleavage and legs. He isn’t helping us root her out.
Deb: She's very pretty. She pretty much whispered the beginning. Go Bigger, Girlfriend!!!!
Coolia: I actually didn't think this was bad, and I was surprised when Randy and Paula slammed her and happy that Simon gave her some praise. The emotional rollercoaster she experienced from flubbing her lines to listening to bad comments to the good comment from the one judge who matters made for exhilarating TV.

Phil Stacey – "Love & Affection"

Terry: Nosferatu's best yet. Perhaps tried a bit too hard and over-sang at points, but his best by far.
Nerdia: His only performance that I have liked so far.
Deb: Didn't care for the beginning. He does have a nice voice (but I keep getting flash backs of the whole bush baby thing). His voice is great when he goes "big". He made me wanna vote for him.
Coolia: I'll agree better than his usual. Still started rough. I just don't like the guy.

Lakisha Jones – "God Bless The Child"

Terry: Sheeeeee's baaaaaaack! Very well done. Very well, indeed!
Nerdia: Her only performance I’ve hated so far. I like how she thinks through elements like Mic stand or no mic stand (she made the wrong choice: Ross was right…this song is about “come to me”) but she sang the song too sassy and embellished. This song needs to be sung slowly and with care because it is saying so much more than the face value of its words. We need time to let the words sink in. We need simple emphasis on important lines like “but don’t take too much” which was completely run over by Lakisha. Even Cher did better with this one. For a real pro: see Judy Garland do it.
Deb: Wow, fantastic performance. Some serious voice control. Very very good and my favorite of the night!!! Oddly though I don't feel compelled to vote. Because she doesn't need me to??
Coolia: This was my favorite performance of the night. I really love watching Lakisha.

Blake Lewis – "Keep Me Hangin On"

Terry: I liked the modern arrangement in terms of the music but the presentation and singing was a bit boring. Very disappointing. I expected much better from him.
Nerdia: I thought the arrangement was very creative.
Deb: Ahhhhh he's an MJ fan. That's explains SO much about how he moved on stage. I think I even saw some mini-moonwalking going on. I didn't really like this. Between the song, the stage, the lights and the music I lost Blake.
Coolia: Blake has fun, and I have fun watching him. Blake's voice is my favorite. It may not have the power of Melinda or Lakisha but it has real listenability and smoothness.

Stephanie Edwards – "Love Hangover"

Terry: She sticks with her strength in the sultry jazz style just as Chris Daughtry stuck with his grunge rock style. And, she's very good at it. I just continue to question whether America will embrace her chosen style and obvious strength.
Nerdia: Like Queen-nite last year and "The Show Must Go On"….don’t pick a song with many movements in it….the audience will feel thwarted. She never let this rip and I felt like I was teased and then abandoned before my orgasm.
Deb: She's got to try to shine like Melinda and Lakisha. She looks great (again kudos to the stylists). Unfortunately, another boring song choice. Overall not bad at all, but not shiny like the other two divas.....just sort of glowed is all.
Coolia: I think she could go home because of this performance. Not that it was horrible, but there are too many similar divas (Melinda, Lakisha, Jordan) who are vying for her voting constituency and she's the weakest tonight.

Chris Richardson – "The Boss"

Terry: The song was too big for his voice, but he showed good stage presence. He has good range but no power and this song calls for some power to truly be affective.
Nerdia: My FAVORITE Diana Ross song!! He stank it up! You need your own attitude to stand up to this ditty!
Deb: He seems a little stiff up on that big ole stage. I think he should have picked a slower song to showcase his vocals. Mediocre in my book.
Coolia: It's nice to see someone besides Blake put some energy into their performance. He ran around like Taylor did last year, but it wasn't as endearing.

Jordin Sparks – "If We Hold On Together"

Terry: She just told Melinda and Lakisha to watch their backs.
Nerdia: She sang well, but I was bored. The Land Before Time? That had music in it?
Deb: Wow she looks and sounds GREAT! She needed to open up a bit and show her personal side. Fantastic vocals. She looks stunning. Definitely shouldn't go home, but there are at least 2 too many
divas dividing votes. I have to vote!!!!

Coolia: Her best vocal yet, but she still leaves me a bit cold.


Terry: This was such a bad night of performances that it's very hard to choose who will be going home. My choice: Brandon.
Nerdia: I’m ambivalent about tonight just as I am ambivalent about Diana Ross. Love her songs and performances. Think she’s a big shew. So I wasn’t under or overwhelmed by the show. I did think Brandon should go home but then made me second guess that angle: I picked Stephanie to go.
Bring on the quadruple boots and lets get this over with. There were only 3 truly "good" ones last night. 1 (or 2) very bad ones and all the rest bunched right in the middle somewhere.
Coolia: Like Nerdia, I picked Stephanie to go on a combination of dialidol and my instincts, but the rest of my instincts said pick Brandon and he was the one who got the boot. The timing is okay for him - he can probably find some diva's summer tour and get on board.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Acrostic Movie Review - Zodiac

How to make an unsolved case that unfolded
Over 20 years into a taut film? It
Required attention to detail in
Relation to period clothes and sideburns, an
Ominous feeling in the performances and settings, and a
Robust cast of familiar faces.
Suspense mounts as a reporter (Downey, Jr.), cop (Ruffalo), and
Cartoonist (Gyllenhaal, looking as bewildered as Bubble Boy), become
Obsessed with the case. The Zodiac Killer
Permeates their lives,
Eviscerating them as he did his victims.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol - Top 12 and World Salvation Plans

Well, tonight was quite a shocker. Who would have imagined yesterday that we'd see Ryan and Simon on a philanthropic mission?? The big revelation tonight was that Idol is going to try to save the world, and, seriously, I think it's great they are using their ginormous popularity to do some good. The campaign is called American Idol Gives Back, and Quincy Jones is even writing a "We are the World, We are the Idols" song for the kids to sing.

The biggest mystery tonight was how Haley Scarnato and her bland ambition escaped elimination. All 31 contestants in my Idol betting pool picked her to go. My only guess is that Simon's harsh coments ("I can't remember your name") garnered her sympathy votes, and that, mixed with the country music vote since she did a Faith Hill song, kept her alive.

The first to go home was Jared Cotter, who looked quite smug when he said he didn't dream he'd be voted off. The reaction to his sweater alone should have told him it was a possibility. I will miss looking at Jared as he was one of the better looking boys, even if his eyebrows did evoke Groucho Marx.

Then we were treated to a performance by Carrie Underwood. She sang her new single "Wasted", and I have to admit I didn't hate it. I am surprised at how Carrie is growing on me - first with her Eagles songs at the Grammys and now this tune. It seems she is developing a bit of a personality finally, although her outfit tonight reminded me of an Austin Powers fembot.

Antonella Barba was the second to be sent home, mercifully. I will actually miss the drama, but I'm sure there's more to come. As the angel on her shoulder suggests that Antonella go back to Catholic University, and the devil on her other shoulder dangles offers from Girls Gone Wild, which will she choose? In more good news, the Frenchie fan club and Rosie O'Donnell will have to shut up now and stop with the inane attempts to compare Frenchie's dirty photos (done for money) to Antonella's (done in semi-private because she was wasted...I hope she listened to Carrie's song about that).

We were presented with two final pairs competing for two remaining spots. First came Haley Scarnato and Sabrina Sloan, and Sabrina was voted off. She looked shocked, but I'm not. She was certainly a better singer than a few of the girls, but she didn't have much charisma. I was never able to warm up to her. You've got to be more likable to get people to pick up the phone and dial your number repeatedly. And there's a diva surplus this season.

Finally, we were left with Sanjaya Malakar and Sundance Head. Sundance was my early pick to win, but he was sent home. I think he never lived up to the potential of his first audition, and his attempt at Pearl Jam this week was just bad...real bad. Obviously, Sanjaya has been cast in the harmless teen idol role that worked very well for John Stevens and Kevin Covais before him.

Remember, folks, it aint just a singing competition.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol - Thank God for the Girls

I think the Idol girls are making a strong case for Idol to rethink it's "gender neutral" Top 12 policy. I would really like to see the Top 12 balance be 8 girls and 4 boys this time, but unfortunately that's not gonna happen.

Jordin Sparks - "Heartbreaker"

Coolia: Jordin looked cute and gave a strong, energetic performance. She was sassy, and she likes football, so I give her points for that.
Terry - Pat Benetar did not fit her (nice voice but no angst or anger inher performance whatsoever). It wasn't terrible but it wasn't verygood....until that last note.

Nerdia - Jordin is no Pat Benetar but she has a good strong voice. I didn't love it but I respected it.

Sabrina Sloan - "Don't Let Go"

Coolia: I find it hard to warm up to this girl. I know she's technically good but, like Simon, I just dont see a lot of personality or oomph in her performance. Maybe she lacks what Randy has coined "the yo factor"?
Terry - Good but not great. Shouted at times but still a very good voice.I take back my earlier references to her looking like a hot Cher. She'sactually a MUCH hotter Streisand.
Nerdia - I really liked Sabrina more and more each week - but I don't believe she has a natural enough look to survive.

Antonella Barba - "Put Your Records On"

Coolia: Antonella can play the violin. At least we know she has a classical music career to fall back on if things don't work out with her Girls Gone Wild deal. This song started out really rough, but she finished strong. I think she should have dressed sexier as that is what's keeping her in. Simon is clearly over her, but I am getting tired of his endless repetition of "this is a singing competition" which contradicts criticism he continually gives to people on their appearance, personality, etc.
Terry - I honestly think she cares more about her looks than her singing because she knows that's what has gotten her this far. This was actually her best to date, but that's not saying much. Way past time for her to go.
Nerdia - I am so over this girl....from way back before she was born.

Haley Scarnato - "If My Heart Had Wings"

Coolia: Haley was a child gymnast, and this performance will likely vault her right out the door. The song was icky, and she didn't add anything special to it. Then when asked how she would respond to Simon's criticism (which included him admitting he couldn't remember her name), she said she was "just clocking in and clocking out." What exactly does that mean?? This is just a job to you? Where's the passion??
Terry - A Star Search performance. Bland and dull.
Nerdia - I feel bad for Haley...I can relate to people thinking you're bland and forgettable. I didn't know what to make of the clocking in and out comment. I liked the professionalism of her emotional disconnect but don't think this was the wisest thing to broadcast.

Stephanie Edwards - "Sweet Thing"

Coolia: Stephanie admits she used to be a shy kid, but she clearly owns the stage now. She took on a challenging song and did a great job with it.
Terry - Very good voice. Good performance. But, I fear her preferred style of music and song choice may not be popular enough to see her very far past the final 12.
Nerdia - Great singer but I don't think the jazzy song choice will win with the youths.

Lakisha Jones - "I Have Nothing"

Coolia: Tonight I learned I cannot invite Lakisha over for tea because she would be afraid of The Edgar Winter Dog and would demand I put him somewhere. But I still think she's great. Like Stephanie, she picked a challenging song and knocked it out of the park. I think if she saw this performance, Whitney would drop her crack pipe to applaud. Also, great outfit choice - I never thought I'd hear Simon tell a plus-sized gal she looked hot.
Terry - Didn't make me forget Whitney but she did again show me she can hold her own with her and her cohorts.
Nerdia - yet another bulls-eye. Is she afraid of birds, too?

Gina Glocksen - "Call Me When You're Sober"

Coolia: Gina looked great and had a lot of energy and spirit. The song really suited her and she rocked it out. I hope she survives. I even voted for her 15 times, because I'm worried she might not. This competition needs a rock chick.
Terry - Good voice but she is NO Evanesence. Over sang overall. But, I did like seeing her feeling comfortable and actually enjoying herself (finally).
Nerdia - She finally won me over. She might surprise us.

Melinda Doolittle - "I'm a Woman"

Coolia: Even though I'll always associate this tune with commercials for Enjoli perfume, I have to say Melinda gave the best performance of the night. I think she might be eclipsing Lakisha as a favorite to win now. She gets more confident each week without ever getting cocky.
Terry - She blew it out again! Her talent has always been present but asher confidence grows each week so does her ability to maximize that talent. She is now the front-runner in my opinion.
Nerdia - love her but no way she's under 38. Way to old seeming to win.


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American Idol - It's No Secret the Boys Suck

Terry's thoughts on the Idol Boys, who revealed their secrets but not much talent this week...

Terry: Ugh!! Will the assualt and insult to my ears ever stop!? How could these chowder-heads have gone from my so excited and so full of anticipaton to such feelings of dread. Such horrible song choices with such horrible performances to boot! UGH!!

Blake Lewis - "All Mixed Up"

Terry: The singing was "okay" but I did dig the blend of R&B and Reggae, his style, the little scat and the minimal but nicely done beat boxing. This was intriguing but certainly not great.

Nerdia - his characterization of hillbillies before the singing ruined him for me.

Sanjaya Malakar - "Waiting on the World to Change"

Terry: Attention teeny-bopper girls of America!....PLEASE stop voting on cuteness and nice hair!!...I don't know how much more cheese I can take from the living dead that is Sanjaya. He has NO stage presence! He sings with a constant smile but projects no emotion. Good Lord, it's the Carrie Underwood plastic robot syndrome....times 10!!

Nerdia - awww....but he's so cute and he has such a great smile!

Sundance Head - "Jeremy"

Terry: Pearl Jam? Really? He thinks he can sing better than or as well as Eddie Vedder? Uh...nope. This was bad. Song choice people! Song choice!! Stretch, yes! But know your liimits and your strengths and work with them. I have no idea what Randy and Paula were smokin' but pass
the dutchie, please (I need the headache relief at this point).

Nerdia - are you done with that dutchie yet? This guy so wants to go home. If he doesn't get to go home this week, he's gonna bawl for 15 minutes again.

Chris Richardson - "Tonight I Want to Cry"

Terry: Took a pop country song and put an R&B spin on it. I liked it okay. I didn't like it as much as some of the judges (Randy so desperately craves Simon's spotlight), but it was one of the best on a dreary night.

Nerdia - I just don't get this one...he's too squeeky-clean for me.

Jared Cotter - "If You Really Love Me"

Terry: Uh, sir, Carlton called and wants his sweater back. Lame. Good energy yet a lame performance. Not sure how he managed to do that but he did.

Nerdia - Nerd!!!

Brandon Rogers - "I Just Want to Celebrate"

Terry: Also lame. Also another bad song choice. Showed little range and made an upbeat song boring.

Nerdia - Brandon did get a breath of life in his performance this week but that's all it was...a breath...he barely smiled or looked like he was having any fun at all.

Phil Stacey - "I Need You"

Terry: Please, please, PLEASE stop the low range horrors!! Oh that beginning was just brutal! However, once he got past that it did get much better. But, not enough to make me forget the agony of that beginning. Ugh!

Nerdia - He really butchered this nice innocent song.

Chris Sligh - "Wanna Be Loved"

Terry: Best of the night. Still nowhere near the better girls (Lakisha, Melinda, Sabrina) but better than all the other boys and better than the girls in the bottom rung.
Nerdia - He always does a competent job. But I'm just not emotionally involved.

This is one tough call to pick who's going home because so many deserve the boot after this!

Going Home:

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