Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Idol - Miami Auditions

Apparently, the Dolphins aren't the only losers in Miami. Out of 10,000 who auditioned, only 17 people made it out of Miami. We met 9 of them.

The Good

  • Robbie Carrico - He's a former boy bander (from Boyz N Girls United, apparently) turned rocker. Dude dated Britney Spears. He can sing but he's definitely one of the ringers - it's not like Ryan found him driving a tractor or waiting tables.
  • Ghaleb Emanach - Ghaleb has a lot of energy and kissed everyone in sight after getting his golden ticket. Randy worried that his Venezuelan accent was too thick.
  • Corliss Smith and Brittany Wescott - These two big, lusty ladies could be the next Weather Girls. They both can sing, and Corliss has an especially interesting jazz vibe.
  • Suzanne Toon - She was in a "Fame" school before getting pregnant at 18 and taking a break to be a mom. Randy praised her sultry voice, and Simon thought she became more attractive when she sang.
  • Ramiele Malubay - Ramiele was a cute Filipino gal who wants to be the next Jasmine Trias, but not badly enough to wear a flower in her hair.
  • Syesha Mercado - She's really attractive and vibrant, and I love how she belted Aretha's tune. Plus, sob story alert! Her dad just graduated from rehab.
  • Natashia Black- Only glimpsed for a moment, she did a nice job with "At Last."
  • Ilsy Lorena Pinot - Her screen time was over by the time I wrote her name down.

The Bad and The Ugly

  • Shannon McGough - Shannon works in her parents' meat market and has a knack for belching. She screamed her way through a Janis Joplin tune, and the judges told her to stick to handling meat.
  • Richard Valles - He sang Rascal Flatts through his nose.
  • Julie Dublea - Julie is a showbiz vet, having made the Top 20 on American Juniors a few years ago, but the judges found her precocious. She asked for a definition, as if she were in a spelling bee. I couldn't get past her neon dress myself - blech.
  • Brandon Black - B. Black made a crazy sliding entrance while talking to himself - definitely one of the strangest auditions, and a waste of a white pimp suit.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

American Idol - Omaha Auditions

Tonight's show began with a shot of a mysterious crop circle of the American Idol logo. Who knew that even aliens are Idol fans?

19 people made it from Omaha to Hollywood and we actually got to see 9 of them - that's almost half! Idol Producers, have you been reading my posts or what??

The Good

  • Jason Rich - He's a cute farm boy who forgot his words and was given three chances to finish his song. He's got a decent country voice, but if he's that nervous now, how will he get through Hollywood week?
  • Rachel Wicker - She's an arm wrestling champ. Simon thought she looked old and Randy thought she yodeled too much, but they passed her through.
  • Samantha Sidley - Samantha is cute but lacks confidence. She's quiet, and I don't see her standing out in the crowd.
  • Elizabeth Erkert - We only saw a few seconds of her audition, but she belted "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" impressively. And I give her points for being from Springfield, IL - home of Honest Abe.
  • Denise Jackson - In her few seconds of airtime, I couldn't get past her big red 1980s earrings.
  • Michael Sanfilippo - Blink and you missed him, but he sang "Call My Name" to judges' raves.
  • Angelica Puente - Angelica has been fighting with her dad and had to move in with her grandparents. She sang "Power of Love" just like Celine - too much like Celine, according to Randy. She does have serious pipes though and a sob story.
  • David Cook - At last, we get a rocker! David belted "Living on a Prayer" after watching Daughtry's audition to pump himself up. I'll root for him.
  • Leo Marlowe - Leo is my favorite so far. He's very likable and quipped that his mom was proud to have raised a homecoming queen, but that she'd hoped it would be one of her daughters. I liked his affable, self-effacing personality, plus he's got the voice and chutzpah to take on a Donnie Hathaway song.

The Bad and The Ugly
  • Chris Bernheisel - Chris had a lot of energy. He said, "I'm so happy! I feel like I could explode and happiness is going to go everywhere!" Unfortunately, the happiness explosion didn't improve Simon's and Randy's mood, and Chris was rejected. However, Simon offered him a consolation prize - he can be Omaha's FOX affiliate's reporter for the Idol finale. Just when we thought Chris was fresh out of happiness, more happiness vomited out of him with this news.
  • Sarah Whitaker - Sarah is a goth who formerly wrestled under the name "Lady Morgue". Her maniacal laugh was more impressive than her singing.
  • Johnny Escamilla - Johnny wore a gold jacket and appeared to have a seizure while performing "Shout."

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Steve Martin: a Conversation with Carol Burnett

(Jan 24, 2008, at The Wilshire Theater Beverly Hills)

Imagine my glee finding Steve Martin’s latest book, Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life, sitting in a stack at a Santa Monica bookstore and discovering that it was not another piece of fiction but a biography about his long-lost life as a stand-up comedian. And here I’ve been kvetching so much about his abandonment of the art form for more well-heeled work in academic theatricals intermingled with big-budget, saccharine movie turds. (I’ll take fifty Lonely Guys any day if we can just forget that movie with Queen Latifah ever happened.

My brothers and father would re-tell scenes of The Jerk at the dinner table. I knew the entire “he hates cans!” routine before I ever watched the movie like I knew “it’s only a flesh wound” years before watching Monty Python’s Holy Grail). My brother also had the King Tut Steve Martin album which we both loved (the embezzling cat story, the France bits). However, my admiration of Martin didn’t survive past the movie Roxanne, which was so sweet it hurt my teeth. And his appearances on SNL and talk shows struck me as cold. Then he did that great Oscar hosting job and I was back yearning for his old days of stand up. Then the bad movies with too many weddings and kids and Goldie Hawn romances happened and I was put off again.

Let me tell you, Martin's new book did wonders for showing a much warmer human being. And it’s a recommended read for his insight into how a comedy act is assembled, structured and crafted over years of sweat and experimentation, also delving into what it feels like on the other side of 40-thousand fans who know your routines by heart.

Good enough. But then it was announced that Steve Martin would be talking with Carol Burnett at a special event in LA at hosted by the group Writers Bloc. I was in heaven!

The theater was huge; the event was sold out so we had to sit in the balcony where I was too far away to ask my big Steve Martin question at the Q&A, which was: As a writing team for The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, why didn’t more of Bob Einstein and Steve Martin’s early-70s brilliances end up on the show? Sonny & Cher’s show is now remembered as an amazing variety show…but not for its comedy. It’s loved for its eclectic guest roster, Bob Mackie costumes and torch musical numbers.
Even the opening monologue (the only comedic bit every discussed today) mostly succeeded on S&C chemistry. And Martin was working on some cutting-edge material at the time, his own act was about to explode. Bob Einstein was already doing Super Dave Osbourne on the John Byner show.

Asked what bits Martin did for The Smothers Bros show (one of his writing gigs before S&C), he joked that “all the best stuff you remember…I wrote that.” But alas, for the S&C show, there was no best stuff.

There was on irritating aspect of this “conversation” between Burnett and Martin and it was Carol Burnett. Press lead us to believe this would be talk about Martin’s new book. Burnett however seemed disinterested in interviewing Martin at best, dead set against asking any questions at worst, letting dead silence hang in the air instead of doing any work. She asked him probably a total of two questions, both lame. One question was who his favorite movie star was. This turned into an excuse for her to segue, with neck-breaking speed, into an anecdote about that particular movie star, Cary Grant and how Grant loved her show. Frankly, she seemed only motivated to tell Carol Burnett Show anecdotes about herself.

Her other question to Martin was about how he started out as a TV writer which only betrayed the fact that she hadn’t read the book or even done a quick IMDB or Wikipedia search for a brief timeline on his career.

To Martin’s credit, he made gentlemanly (as in gentle) attempts to keep the conversation going, respectfully taking the piss out of Burnett’s strange reluctance to engage in any real “conversation” about comedy. At one point Martin joked, “I DARE you to ask me a question.” She never really did.
And it pains me to complain about Burnett because she is one of my comedic idols along with Steve Martin and Harvey Korman. I believe The Carol Burnett Show was one of the three most influential comedies of the 70s (along with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and All in the Family) and a landmark moment for women in comedy and a variety show of superior quality. And she deserves to be knighted for that. But the truth is, she hasn’t done anything worthy of knighthood since then (although I loved her in Annie and The Four Seasons).

And I’ve heard all the Carol Burnett anecdotes many times, have taped all the reunion specials, read her autobiography (One More Time) her biography (Laughing Till It Hurts by J. Randy Taraborrelli).
Steve Martin has been far less available for public introspections of this kind. It would have garnished Burnett extra kudos for showing some interest in this comedic trailblazer she was sitting next to. Instead she came off as Hollywood, as a self-absorbed scene-stealer. And too make matters worse, her anecdotes took too long to perform. She sunk too many details into each story, making sure we knew the name of every person in the business she ever worked with or talked to. I kept thinking “can we get back to Steve please?”

On the other hand, Martin was accessible and pleasant with the fan Q&As and showed true affection for Burnett. I wished he would have showed more interest in contemporary comedians, however, when asked for his favorites. His disinterest in even knowing the names of his most recent famous co-workers felt a little isolationist.
But I’ve come a far ways if that’s the worst thing I could say about Steve Martin. His book went a long way to showing a person with flesh and feelings, portraying a modest, thankful kid from Orange County after years of seeming affected and quietly arrogant.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol - South Carolina, Come On And Raise Up!

The South wasn't as good to Idol as it had been in past seasons. Only 23 people made it through the South Carolina auditions, and here are the 4 we met.

The Good

  • Michelle and Jeffery Lampkin - These rotund siblings delivered a carefully rehearsed rendition of "I'm Your Angel." All 3 judges loved Jeffery for his infectious personality. Simon and Paula put Michelle through, with Randy dissenting. I'm glad these two didn't get split up - they'll be fun in Hollywood. And I think Jeffery has the talent and personality to go a long way.
  • Amy Catherine Flynn - Amy is a cute cheerleading Catholic school girl who's a member of STARS - Students Teaching and Respecting Sexuality. Her abstinence speech to Simon didn't convert him, but it did make me lose count of the number of times she began a thought with "and then you're like." Paula and Randy voted her through to Hollywood, while Simon feared she'd annoy people.
  • London Weidberg - London took time off from her singing career to care for her cancer-stricken dad. He passed away, so now she is slowly getting back to her dream. She's attractive with a bluesy voice - not super-inspiring, but good.

The Bad and The Ugly

  • Raysharde Henderson - He has a huge afro and said folks compare him to Clay Aiken. Simon agreed, but that isn't a good thing.
  • DeAnna Prevatte - She was a waitress with a dry sense of humor and a hatred for all-you-can-eat customers who keep her running and only tip a dollar. I liked her spunk, but she really couldn't sing too well.
  • Randy Stark and Crystal Ortiz - These lovebirds met on an Idol message board, where Randy is known as a guru dispensing audition advice. Sadly, nobody advised him not to bother waiting in line.
  • Aretha Codner - Aretha has her namesake's tacky fashion sense and ginormous boobs but no trace of her voice.
  • Joshua Boson - His overly-dramatic rendition of "I Am Telling You I Am Not Going" met with the judges' scorn, so Joshua said the show was fake and rigged and that Simon was not a good person. Classy!
  • Oliver Highman - Wow, I actually thought Oliver was likable and had a really nice voice. Plus he had the dramatic story of having to leave the auditions because his wife went into labor. Yet, the judges passed. Maybe they realized he wasn't too smart since he almost couldn't find the hospital due to his inferior Mapquest directions. Next time use Google Maps, dude!

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American Idol - San Diego Auditions

We only had to endure one hour of bad auditions as opposed to two hours last week, perhaps because ratings were low. San Diego did not seem to be a real hotbed for talent, despite its proximity to Los Angeles - City of Beautiful Dreamers. 30 people made it to Hollywood, but we only got to meet 6.

I'd like to point out that Taylor Hicks is being completely marginalized by this show, as evidenced by the murals behind the judges and the contestants. Taylor is on the mural, but he's waaaay on the far right hand side, like to the far right of Simon, so that you almost never glimpse him unless there is some kind of altercation between a contestant and security or some groupie goes to hug Simon. We Soul Patrol members will still keep the faith, despite these obstacles!

The Good

  • Tetiana Ostapowych - Tetiana is an Eastern European sexpot who seems overly impressed with herself. She has an okay voice, but I'd agree with Simon's comment that she thinks she's better than she is. And she's going to need to change that name.
  • Perrie Cataldo - Perrie is a single dad and a widower - a new angle to tug at our heartstrings. He's good looking with a good soulful voice.
  • Michael Johns - Michael is a cute Aussie boy who I expected to be a rocker but instead belted an Otis Redding tune. Is America ready for Australian Soul?
  • Samantha Musa - I thought this was going to be a joke audition, since they set up Samantha and her sister as Simon groupies, but she actually has a really good voice and seems to have a good personality, too. Her sister got to critique her while sitting on Simon's lap - I'm telling ya, Simon is just too nice this season.
  • David Archuleta - David is recovering from vocal paralysis. Paula asked a lot of questions about this, probably hoping she can get it too so she can get more Oxycotin. He's only 16 but has a boy band appeal.
  • Carly Smithson - Evanescence-esque Carly made the cut for Hollywood in Season 5 but then got disqualified due to visa issues. Now she's back, with what appears to be an Amy Winehouse tattoo sleeve and a boyfriend who's tattooed from head to toe. Simon thought she sang better 2 years ago, but they all agreed she deserves another chance in Hollywood.

The Bad and the Ugly

  • Joseph and Juanita Reija - Joseph sang while wearing a poncho and sombrero, and Juanita accompanied him by miming.
  • Valerie Reyes - Valerie was a cute and bubbly Mariah Carey fan, however her range was not quite equal to Ms. Carey's. At least Randy refrained from mentioned he had produced Mariah while critiquing her.
  • Blake Boshnack - Blake has auditioned 11 times, most notably in Season 5 while dressed as the Statue of Liberty. He and his mom have a dream. Unfortunately, it's an impossible dream that involves them wasting money traveling around the country and then wasting days camping out in line.
  • Alberto Hurtado - This transgendered Chicano whispered his way through an original song called "Live" while stating he wanted to fly like the eagle on his shirt. I won't soon be able to get the image of his crazy long fingernails out of my head.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Idol - Is There a Lone Star in Dallas?

OK, I'm really not digging the "nice" Idol. Simon is hugging contestants now? People who are terrible need to be reassured that they are good people? Mediocre folks are sent to Hollywood?!? 24 folks made it to Hollywood from Dallas, but we only got to meet 10 of them.

The Good

  • Jessica Brown - She used to be a meth head but she turned her life around. She did a nice job making a Pretenders' tune her own.
  • Alaina Whitaker - Resembling Carrie Underwood, Alaina sang "Stronger." Paula thought she was breathy and Simon found her to be a bit arrogant, but they passed her through anyway.
  • Pia "Zpia" Easley - I liked Pia. She had a sorta mohawk hairstyle and kinda resembled "Mandinka"-era Sinead O'Conner. The judges praised her for being a backup singer who actually had confidence.
  • Brandon Green - OK, the dude carries around a collection of his peeled fingernails in a baggie. Yet, he's cute and delivered a soulful rendition of "Rich Girl." I like him - he's a bit off in a good way, like my boy Taylor Hicks.
  • Kayla Hatfield - Kayla was in a terrible car accident and nearly lost her face, but she's bounced back and is happy as a clam. I thought her Janis Joplin impression was horrendous. I really thought it was a joke audition and then she was given a golden ticket.
  • Kady Malloy - She does vocal impressions of Britney, Rascal Flatts, etc, and she's really good at it. She's good when she's just herself too. Plus she's cute. Simon said she was the best they'd seen yet, and I definitely expect her to make the Top 24.
  • Kyle Ensley - An uber-nerd who wants to be the next president, Kyle delivered a mediocre Queen impression. And then he received another pity ticket to Hollywood.
  • Colton Swon - Colton has the name and the look to be in a country music boy band. Paula was drooling, but I was underwhelmed.
  • Drew Poppelreiter - He's a cute farm boy who sings country songs to pass the time whilst driving his tractor. I thought his voice was very ordinary, but he made it through.
  • Nina Shaw - She's a hottie, with legs that could rival Haley Scarnato's if showcased in similar hot pants. Simon thought she was old-fashioned, but the other two voted her in.

The Bad and The Ugly
  • Gregory and Mia Tobias - They were so deadpan in their operatic delivery that I thought of Wayne's World's "Bohemian Rhapsody."
  • Bruce Dickson - Bruce was a cute 19-year-old who's never kissed a girl because he promised his dad he would save himself for his bride. I actually thought he sang better than some who made it. And wouldn't it have been fun to see some girl like Antonella seduce him during Hollywood week?
  • Douglas Davidson - He had a disturbing story about his dad telling him he hated him because he sang so well. Douglas tried to sing "Living on a Prayer" and several other songs before security dragged him away.
  • Tammy Tuzinski - She was very quiet and said she listened to Celine Dion everyday. She then declared she was singing "Power of Love" before actually singing "If You Ask Me To." It wasn't good, dude.
  • Kyle Reinneck - "I'm a rocker. I'm pretty rockin," said Kyle. He wore "guyliner" and carried a poster with pictures of the kids he works with, but the judges passed.
  • Reynaldo Lapuz - AKA "The Birdman" - Reynaldo wore a feathered hat with Simon's name on it and a cape, and he sang an original composition "We Are Brothers Forever." He also declared that Simon was "heaven's chosen." Perhaps The Birdman will be this season's William Hung?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol - Philly Cheese

Yay, American Idol is back! The 7th Season kicked off with auditions in Philadelphia. 29 souls made it to Hollywood but we were only introduced to 10.

The Good

  • Joey Catalano - He recently lost 200 lbs and crooned a Maroon 5 tune. Kinda geeky looking, but good energy and human interest story.
  • Melanie Nyema - She was a backup singer for Taylor Hicks and had a likable vibe.
  • Junot Joyner - Junot delivered a soulful version of "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues"
  • Jore Candelaria - He had a boy band quality and sang "Unbreak My Heart" en espanol.
  • Jonathan Baines - He was cute - definitely Paula's type.
  • Angela Martin - Angela is a wedding singer from Chicago with a big, supportive family and a daughter who has Rett's Syndrome. She's very pretty and sweet, with a Lifetime-movie-ready story, but I wonder if her voice is strong enough to carry her beyond Hollywood.
  • Kristy Lee Cook - She's a country gal from Oregon who trains horses and lives in a log cabin - yet she's training to be a cage fighter. Grrr!
  • Beth Stalker - She's already recorded an album of gospel songs as a 4-year-old "Little Liz" - can she recapture that magic?
  • Chris Watson - Chris has model looks and a very smooth voice - should do well - but then, we thought the same about Jenry Bejarno last year, didn't we?
  • Brooke White - She's a nanny who's never seen an R-rated movie. If we didn't get our fill of the "gosh golly" from Melinda last year, Brooke may go far.

The Bad and The Ugly
  • Alaa Youakeem - "Call me Yuka," he said. "I want to love a girl from the hair to the nipple." Gap-toothed Yuka was Borat-tific.
  • James Lewis - A tour guide in a mustard-colored suit sang "Go Down Moses". How low could he go? Quite low.
  • Temptress Brown - A plus-sized high school linebacker (I was as skeptical about this as Ryan - offensive lineman maybe - and then I was shocked that Ryan knew what a linebacker did), Temptress tugged at our heartstrings by declaring she was trying out for her morbidly obese, wheelchair-bound mom. She was a sweetie and after failing got a group hug and even some kindness from Simon, who admitted to liking kittens.
  • Alexis Cohen - AKA "Glitter Girl" - Alexis was a dynamo, who Simon thought resembled Willem Dafoe. She lives in a studio apartment with her mom and several pets, and they were quite the Grey Gardens duo. Rejected after imitating Grace Slick, she cursed Simon out and declared she would take up "actressing." Look out, Hollywood!
  • Milo Turk - He was a 39-year-old social worker with a message for teens that he delivered in his song "No Sex Allowed." I mean, really, is anyone pressuring Milo to have sex?? Besides wasn't this message already delivered by Jermaine Stewart in "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off"?
  • Paul Marturano - Paul delivered a song about stalking Paula that actually had some clever lyrics ("If you were a blackboard, I would chalk it...if you were a bathtub, I would caulk it"), but his intense performance freaked out the judges.
  • Ben Haar - Portly Ben entered the judging room with a cloak, then revealed he was wearing Princess Leia's gold bikini. His chest hair disturbed Paula, so he was sent for a waxing.
  • Christina Tolisano - Who would have thought we'd see two Princess Leias in one night? Christina was the donut-haired varietal, and she didn't make it and threw a hissy fit in the name of dork pride.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Edgar Reviews Celebrity Apprentice

Coolia has a thing for Gene Simmons, so she forced me to tune into the premiere episode of Celebrity Apprentice. I spent most of the time mesmerized by the strange hairstyles of Gene and Donald Trump. People often comment on my unusual hair and sometimes call it wiry, but how does one even begin to describe Gene's and Donald's 'dos?

We were introduced to the "celebrities" who included people like Tifany Fallon, Tito Ortiz, and Nely Galan. You are probably saying to yourself: "Edgar, you are a bigger celebrity than these people!" Well, you are correct. The "celebrities" were slagging Omarosa for being a fake celebrity but as a fellow reality tv star (you might recognize me from
Who Gets The Dog) I would wager to say she is more of a household name than softball gold medalist Jenny Finch. How many viewers even realize that softball is an Olympic sport?

The teams were divided - boys vs girls. Stephen Baldwin captained the boys and Omarosa captained the girls in their first challenge - run a hot dog cart. They had to pick their location and compete to earn the most money for charity. While Omarosa wanted to trade on sales skills, Taxi's Marilu Henner wisely suggested working celebrity contacts. Gene went the same route and called in some favors, and Ultimate Fighter Tito Ortiz brought his girlfriend Jenna Jameson to draw a crowd. I have to say I barely recognized Jenna - she has had more work done than Leona Helmsley's yorkie.

In the end, the boys made way more money than the girls, and playmate Tiffany Fallon was sent home for failing to ask Hugh Hefner for money. She said she had been saving Hugh for a future challenge. Meanwhile, nobody gave me a hot dog.

The preview for next week showed Donald yelling at Gene and calling him a bad dog. I may sulk in the bedroom like a bad dog myself if Coolia keeps watching this show.

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Next Great American Band: Finale

Well, I lost my notes on this episode, so this will be brief.

The Clark Brothers won the title: "Next Great American Band." While I can't get too fired up over this evangelical boy band, I do think they were the most talented of the remaining bands. It'll be interesting to see if they go more pop country or stick with gospel flava on their first CD.

Thank God America did not pick Denver and the Mile High Orchestra! They looked pretty crestfallen, but I'm sure this TV exposure will keep them swimming in corporate and wedding gigs. I liked Six Wire okay and I can see them having some country music success.

The finale featured performances from judges Sheila E and the Goo Goo Dolls, trotting out old songs. Sheila and her all-chick band performed "The Glamorous Life", and Sheila and one of her band members wore odd outfits decorated with peace signs.

Northmont, a band that generated the show's only drama during the audition episode, got to come back and sing a song. They have a hot lead singer, who was told he was better than his band, and they had vowed to break up if they didn't make it on the show. I guess now they're on a reunion tour.

They also brought back all the finalists for a medley of Christmas songs that was kinda fun. I liked seeing Cliff Wagner, Dot Dot Dot, and Light of Doom again.

I probably would have stopped watching this series if I hadn't been blogging about it. Next Great American Band, you are no American Idol.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Acrostic Movie Review - The Bucket List

Cantankerous tycoon (Jack Nicholson) meets
Reserved everyman (Morgan Freeman) during
One hospital stay that
Seems improbably long in this age of HMOs.
Since both have cancer and only a short

Time left on Earth, they bond, engage in non-
Hilarious banter and set off to fulfill all the dreams they've
Imagined on a world tour that would make The Rolling
Stones dizzy. Speaking of The Stones,

One can't really say who looks worse these days -
Nicholson or Keith Richards. As a die-hard Jack fan,
Even I don't find him sexy anymore, especially when he's

Overacting and just doing a retread on performances from better
Films like As Good As It Gets and Something's Gotta Give.
Freeman is a little better, but I found myself

Yearning for more solid material for these
Oscar-winners to chew on.
Unfortunately, this script is
Riddled with cliches and has fewer true laugh

Lines than Nicholson's face. Director Rob Reiner
Is still able to manipulate the audience with sentimentality.
Seniors in the crowd laughed more than I did, and I cried a bit
Toward the end, I'll admit - maybe from disappointment.

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