Sunday, August 03, 2008

Motley Crue Return to Home, Sweet Home

Another year, another new name for the lower circle of Glen Hell formerly known as the Glen Helen Pavilion and Hyundai Pavilion. It's now called San Manuel Amphitheater. It's still really far away, dusty, and generally unpleasant. I only go there when I'm shaking so bad that I need to mainline some metal. Yes, this is where I've seen umpteen Ozzfests and where I saw KISS.

And last night, I saw Cruefest. Well, I didn't really see the fest. My BF and I had a busy day and a lack of interest in the other 4 bands (apologies to Traptd, Sixx AM, Papa Roach, and Buckcherry), so we showed up just in time for Motley Crue. I learned a big advantage of being late - no more parking attendants. We drove right into the VIP parking area with no charge! Upon reaching security, I was told I could not bring in my
Google-branded picnic blanket. I stashed it in a bush but it was gone when we left - oh well, I have plenty of swag.

We navigated through the sweaty, drunken hordes to get a couple beers and find a spot on the lawn. Immediately, we could understand the security guard's concern over the blanket - they can be used to start fires - and there were a couple bonfires raging on the lawn.

The Motley boys came on around 9:30pm and were full of piss and vinegar (and possible other substances). The lights were dazzling and the videos were cool, although being on the lawn I would have enjoyed more video of the band and less produced video. The stage backdrop - large letters resembling the Hollywood sign but spelling out Los Angeles - was cool and earned applause from the Inland Empire fans. They kicked off the show appropriately with "Kickstart My Heart" and kept the crowd jumping with "Wild Side."

From the new album Saints of Los Angeles, they played the title track (and were joined onstage by members of the other Cruefest bands) and "Motherfucker of the Year." I'd say the title track is worth a download - good hook.
The band rounded out their set with more hits including "Girls, Girls, Girls", "Shout at the Devil", and "Looks that Kill." Tommy Lee had an entertaining interlude with the titty cam, although he didn't find too many willing participants in the crowd. Vince was in good voice, and the band performed with energy. Even decrepit Mick Mars seemed to be enjoying himself. They closed the show with "Dr. Feelgood" which is still the one that makes us feel all right. We walked back to the car during the encore - "Home Sweet Home" - so I can't say if the brandishing of cigarette lighters for this power ballad may have contributed to more lawn bonfires.

I recommend Cruefest for those who still love 80s glam rock. The boys deliver a sexy, swaggering, screeching good time.

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