Wednesday, March 01, 2006

American Idol - Final 10 Ladies Sing For Their Lives

Here's our Idol watchers' assessments of the top 10 girls, singing for their lives.

  • Coolia: muted and dull, I didn't recognize the song, but I think she'll survive based on her past performances and girl next door qualities. and after all, her mother is a voice teacher, as we're told repeatedly each week!
  • C. Crumpet Swank: I think she's going to be one of the Top 2, although I agree that last night's performance wasn't her best. [She could be Katie Holmes' sister.]
  • Coolia: I was surprised by how much I liked her this week, maybe it was the oddity of her being an African-American cowgirl. She looked less like a drag queen but she still has that huge mouth. Her mouth reminds me of the cave the Millenium Falcon flew into in The Empire Strikes Back - but wait, it's not a cave, it's actually the mouth of an asteroid-inhabiting space slug! Han, go to lightspeed and get us out of there!
  • C. Crumpet Swank: I think she's going home. Randy's comments were on the money. That song didn't show off her voice. Her second spot in the line-up will hurt her. And all three of the other black girls are better performers.

  • Coolia: I liked her better this week, but she's still a little bland. Her voice does have a nice "smokey" quality, as Paula said.
  • Art Haarper: She needs to get a shirt that covers her belly. (ed. note: unclear if he thought she had a muffintop or if he just thought she was not dressing demurely)
  • Nerdia: I love her sultry sound and she moves on stage – thought her hair looked much better this week but what’s up with a night of bad hair?
  • C. Crumpet Swank: What is a muffintop? Peeking pubes? Tell Art he's not alone; I had an adverse reaction to that sight as well. She looked more attractive than last week, but has no real charisma. Very ordinary girl and no stage presence of any note. What she's got going for her is that she's the only one with a sexy voice (and a good voice as well).
  • Coolia: Her intro video made her likable, but her Mariah attempt was just so-so. The judges were harsher than I would have been, but I think she's a goner this week - unless her looks save her (although that didnt work for Becky).
  • Art Haarper: That was terrible.
  • C. Crumpet Swank: If looks couldn't save BECKY, then no one on Earth is safe based on appearance! I mean, really, this is who should have gone home last week instead of Becky, based on vocals alone! The performance last night had nothing going for it--nothing. This song is ripe for vocal melismatics, none of which we saw. No charisma. No demonstration of any real vocal range. By far, the weakest performance of the evening. What was she thinking, trying to sing this?
  • Terry: Sorry, but the cute blond factor has run its course.

  • Coolia: I didn't care for her song choice, but she did a good job. She didn't wow me like she did last week, but I think she'll survive. She's still one of the strongest chicks.
  • C. Crumpet Swank: I agree. A little bit of a let-down after last week.

  • Coolia: Her intro video was cute and stylish, but she looked freaky frumpy. I loathed the song choice of "Wind Beneath My Wings". That's so high school talent show. But she delivered it with gusto and showed she's one of the top female singers. She should sail into the next round.
  • Art Haarper: She was the best yet.
  • C. Crumpet Swank: This was the best performance of the evening regardless of one's feelings about the song and its demographic. She sang with real fire and control. She sounded wonderful.

  • Coolia: I dont really know why, but she grates on my nerves. But she sang well this week, should survive. I think my aversion to her has to do with Simon calling her "mechanical" - I don't see the humanity in her. Deckard, we have another replicant for you to take out!
  • C. Crumpet Swank: Something about her irritates me (I can't quite put my finger on it--I think it's her original audition footage, in which she was totally emotionless in front of the judges), yet I find myself very, very impressed with her performances from the last two weeks. She deserves to be in the Top 12. She's making strides each week. She needs to just let loose a bit. I don't know why the judges were "pleasantly surprised" by her performance last night after the great job she did last week. One to watch if Catherine loses steam.

  • Coolia: Speaking of grating on my nerves, this girl is the worst. definitely the worst performance of the night and she's so obnoxious. She's a continual reminder to me of why I moved out of NYC - too many pushy broads like her. However is backing her, and I think a lot of people like that NY attitude. I bet she'll make it another week.
  • C. Crumpet Swank: She will, because her performance wasn't that bad. Phoney exuberance, yes. Mediocre vocal, yes. But some people probably dig her NY'ness and her obnoxiousness. I think she will make it through one more week, but be booted before the Final 12.
  • Terry: the epitome of what's wrong with the world today...or at least what's wrong with so much of America...conceit, self-inflated ego, shitty attitude, lack of respect for self and other...and did I mention conceit?

  • Coolia: She had me rolling with that intro video and the comments about encountering LA oddities such as spinach salad, calamari, and dogs wearing clothes. She's got major likeability. Her song choice was pretty safe, but she was entertaining and less nervous than last week...she'll roll into the top 12.
  • Art Haarper: Sounds like the opening act on the Alton Belle (ed. note: he was referring to a local casino that has a "St Louis Idol" competition)
  • Nerdia: She is annoying me now especially as LA Top 40 Radio reported someone overhearing her being snotty to the chef staff at their hotel “You’re lucky to be cooking for me!” I’m tired of the cutsie-image making of both her and Paris.
  • C. Crumpet Swank: I LOVE KELLIE PICKLER!

  • Coolia: She's my favorite chick on the show. Her heart is even bigger than her rear end. She's likeable, and the girl can sing!
  • Nerdia: Love her!
  • C. Crumpet Swank: She will end up near the top. Jennifer Hudson, watch out!

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Anonymous said...

Mandisa rocks - although I like how Paula tells her she's got a beautiful face - if she was one of those skinny things paula the "face" would go. I hope she gets far - I think its going to be her and Paris down the stretch.