Thursday, May 11, 2006

American Idol Shocker - Chris Daughtry Ejected!

Coolia: Well...not many of us saw this coming...particularly the dude who got voted off...he sure looked shocked, and so did Kat who looked defeated from the moment the show came on. She was sure she was going home, and so was I. I guess I should have paid attention to, they were spot on.

Nova: …and ultimately that's what did him in - the annoying comment about boxers or briefs, the sunglasses, the usual predictable already done rocker version of whatever the theme was. America does not like arrogance (i.e., Brenna Gethers) and Chris was developing it with every passing week. But still I was surprised....
Terry: That's it. I'm done. I will NEVER watch another second of American Idol EVER. Think I'm kidding? Try me. And for those of you who "think" (and I use that term lightly) that his confidence was arrogance, I feel sorry for your jaded outlook on life. The American IDIOTS vote off the best, most polished and current/relevant singer to hit Idol to date!? This is not only absurd, it is a travesty! I GUARANTEE you that he will be the first and only 4th place Idol to go on to out-sell the 3 above him COMBINED!! If I'm wrong I'll chew off my own arm. And, that won't be happening. I don't know what the hell is wrong with American and the American Idiots voting (or actually NOT voting) but I give you my solemn word that I am SO utterly disgusted that I will NEVER watch this f**king show EVER again. Yes, he was shocked. Not out of arrogance but out of confidence because he not only believed he performed better than at least some if not all of the others....he DID!!!!!!!!!!! First, Justin Guarini gets further than Tamyra Gray, then Ruben beat out Clay, and now the biggest injustice of all, Chris doesn't even make it to the finals!?...American Idol my ass! American bulls**t is more like it!
Coolia: I agree with Nova - he did seem cockier as the weeks wore on...and jaded is actually a good word for HIM, in my opinion, and does not necessarily apply to those of us who can understand why he was booted. The warmth and humor glimpsed in his interviews was never evident in his performances, and that's not just because he's a rocker - Bo came off a lot more personable. Was I sorry to see Chris go? Yes. I had hoped he'd make the final 2. I do think he's talented and I do think he will have a career. It remains to be seen if he will truly distinguish himself or just become another lead singer for bands like Creed, Shinedown, Staind, Nickleback, etc. These bands are a dime a dozen to me, and Chris' voice doesn’t seem to be on a whole other level from them - it seems to fit right in. And while that will garner him some airplay, it won't make him a voice for the ages.
Terry: Well, see, there ya go. This defines why we are in disagreement. I do NOT see (or hear) the lead singers of these bands as all sounding the same and being "a dime a dozen." This genre of music happens to be my particular favorite and I enjoy, appreciate and even savor their diversity, however subtle or extreme they may actually be. And, I can most certainly distinguish that diversity. And, I believe that Chris stands tall among them.
Nova: Oh, Terry, this is what makes the show fun. You never know who people vote for when no one else can see who they're dialing. (I voted for Elliott 5 times - and I know I have reasonably good musical taste) I loved the Chili Peppers version of "Higher Ground", Live's version of "Walk the Line", the later-released rockish-fun Elvis song A Little More Conversation, even Bryan Adams’ “Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman” (after all it was in the Johnny Depp movie that Selena was in) and I do think the throat singing was a problem - AND IT’S OK. They kicked off all the black people and I am still watching. If you do chew off your own arm, can you do it on live TV in a bubble full of water, with handcuffs? And can we start a pool to see if you can do it in under 10 minutes?
Linda: I have to say this. I am soooo disgusted with the American public right now. I can't say that I'm surprised, but I am just blown away by the results of last night's show. Chris has true talent. And a personality. His performances have been more consistent than Katharine or Elliott. He has strength. He has talent. He has looks. He has charisma. Katharine can't make those claims. Except for maybe looks. But those are contrived. This is WRONG WRONG WRONG. But fine. Chris will probably have a record deal on his own. He doesn't need to win Idol to be successful.
Nerdia: Maybe it’s a guy thing…John was visibly upset last night as well. But Chris will land on his feet. He’s a big cat. I don’t think Chris was as good as Bo (I say that and Bo has been annoying me lately with his ceaseless grin of late in interviews) – not as diverse and surprising. I like Chris but this is not the end of the world for me. I don’t think this is a strong Idol season overall. So what’s the point of getting emotionally involved?
Coolia: Other blogs are reporting that Extra tonight is featuring a “major band” that is going to offer Chris their lead singer job. The big cat may land on his feet sooner than we think.


Anonymous said...

Biggest dissapointment ever!!!
Chris is by far the most "talented" singer to walk down Idol lane and for those who disagree....I suggest you move on to other hobbies!!!

Anonymous said...

This was my first year watching American Idol and from day one Chris was the best singer of them all....I lost all my interest in the show....and by the way Taylor Hicks sucks big time.....

Anonymous said...

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