Friday, June 02, 2006

Note to Taylor - Wal-Mart Doesn't Make Us Proud

Caption of my Dreams: American Idol Taylor Hicks expresses outrage
when he learns Wal-Mart doesn't pay women as much as it pays men.

As a private first class in the
Soul Patrol, I've been glued to the essential Taylor Hicks site,, all week, watching the videos of all of Taylor's TV spots - Leno, Ellen, Today, etc. He's done me proud on all of them. But today Gray posted a disturbing item - Taylor would be performing at today's Wal-Mart shareholders' meeting. Doesn't Taylor know Wal-Mart is evil? He seemed like such a nice boy.

Well, despite my hatred for the corporation, I logged on to the
Wal-Mart site and watched the video of Taylor's performance. Although I feel dirty for having been on the site, I have to say I was blown away by Taylor's performance of "Taking It To The Streets"! He definitely showed America made a great choice in pronouncing him Idol. He exhibited total command of the stage, unabashed joy, and great skillz on the harmonica. If only it hadn't been in Satan's service...

Taylor, what's your address? I need to send you a copy of
Nickel and Dimed.

Don't miss my Taylor tribute -
"Woo! Haikus for Taylor Hicks!"

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