Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year from Edgar

Greetings, friends, and Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were grand. I received several gifts, including a stuffed veterinarian doll (I ate his liver with some Beggin' Strips and a nice water), a bag of pig ears, and an agility kit. Yesterday, Coolia and Nerdia set up the agility course for me in the backyard. They got quite excited as I jumped over a low bar and weaved around poles. They tried to lure me into an unstable tunnel with treats but I wanted no part of it. I fear I will need a lot more practice before my performances will be showcased on Animal Planet.

New Year's Eve was nothing special for me, but Coolia, Nerdia and company went to see some tribute bands in the Valley. Nerdia wrote a review that you can read on Ape Culture. There were tribute bands for Stevie Ray Vaughn, Queen, and Journey. Perhaps this is of interest to you, but I stopped caring about Journey when Steve Perry left the band.

Time for me to take a nap and dream about jumping through hoops. Later.

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