Monday, March 12, 2007

Acrostic Movie Review - Zodiac

How to make an unsolved case that unfolded
Over 20 years into a taut film? It
Required attention to detail in
Relation to period clothes and sideburns, an
Ominous feeling in the performances and settings, and a
Robust cast of familiar faces.
Suspense mounts as a reporter (Downey, Jr.), cop (Ruffalo), and
Cartoonist (Gyllenhaal, looking as bewildered as Bubble Boy), become
Obsessed with the case. The Zodiac Killer
Permeates their lives,
Eviscerating them as he did his victims.


Anonymous said...

Um... interesting review format, but you nailed the movie on the head. Zodiac kicked major butt, and was amazingly tense without having a single bit of action.

Anonymous said...

I'd ask what did you think of Seven, but the two movies really aren't even comparable...

Anonymous said...

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