Tuesday, May 01, 2007

American Idol: Between Rock and a Hard Place


Phil Stacey - "Blaze of Glory"

Coolia: This was a rousing start to the show. I was surprised by how good Phil was tonight. His voice was strong, and he seemed confident. However, there was still something robotic about him, and I couldn't get too excited. I can't picture him rocking a stadium.
Nerdia: So this is what Phil sings well.

Jordin Sparks - "Living on a Prayer"

Coolia: I had been hoping Blake would get this song as I thought it was ripe for his sound effects. Instead, Jordin took it and really struggled. I expected more from our lil' 80s music fan. The song was too big for her, but she did have a strong finish, and I think she has enough fans to stick around. Definitely the worst performance of the night.
Nerdia: Three minutes of strugglen and anguish. Her best performance: listening to all that criticism.

Lakisha Jones - "This Aint a Love Song"

Coolia: I actually yelled out "Lakisha is back!" before Randy did. I really loved this - my favorite of the night. I like that she picked a less popular song and one that really suited her. The outfit, however, created a sausage effect, and it's never good to invite comparison to Mandisa's jeans.

Nerdia: Was this woman sawed in half before the show??? Horrible outfit. Loved the song. The performance tripped in the beginning but ended with the Lakisha we started with early this season. It was like someone pumped some life and attitude back into her.

Blake Lewis - "You Give Love a Bad Name"

Coolia: I think Jon Bon Jovi hated Blake's spin, but I thought it was fun. Blake has taken "you made it your own" to the extreme. I don't think Paula will ever be able to use that old chestnut on any future contestant. I also liked his new darker hair. Even as he fooled around with the song, he sang the choruses straight, proving he can sing. This was like Max Headroom collaborating with Art of Noise all over again - just plain cool.
Nerdia: I agree...Bon Jovi didn't seem all that happy that some young upstart was messing with a song America doesn't want messed with - or some such silly thing he said. Get over yourself. Blake=brilliant.

Chris Richardson - "Wanted Dead or Alive"

Coolia: I expected Chris to fail with tonight's theme, but he came through with my favorite performance of his. I am probably swayed by my love for the source material, but I thought Chris gave a sassy, passionate performance. However, he'll still probably be going home.
Nerdia: I was bored.

Melinda Doolittle - "Have a Nice Day"

Coolia: Bon Jovi advised her to put some church into it, and she did, shouting her way through the whole thing as if trying to keep a congregation awake. She looked hotter than usual, and I liked her attitude, but too much screaming. She seemed to want to turn it into a Heart song.
Nerdia: A complete faker. We got the old Gomer Pyle "Gollleee I can't sing rock" and then she powerhouse rocked it. Shameless. Utterly shameless. The whole "I'm a good church girl" bit is ridiculous, too. This one would slit your throat in an alley if it meant winning American Idol.

Guest Judge - Jon Bon Jovi

Coolia: Jon may not have contributed major insights, but I will always enjoy looking at him.
Nerdia: LOL


Coolia: It's a tough call, but I think Phil and Chris are going home, Lakisha and Jordin will be in the middle, and Blake and Melinda on top.
Nerdia: I'm guessing Jordan and Chris.

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