Wednesday, May 07, 2008

American Idol - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Night


David Cook - "Hungry Like the Wolf" / "Baba O'Riley"

I applaud David's good taste in choosing the first tune. I just saw Duran Duran two nights ago at the Nokia Theater and they were awesome! David's arrangement was similar to an acoustic version that D2 put out on a CD single around the period of The Wedding Album. He tried to be sexy but it wasn't really working for me. Still, a good vocal.

Cool 2nd song choice. "Teenage wasteland" is a good metaphor for this show, and it would be something David C can quote when David A beats him in the finale. David is winning me over a bit with this performance. I thought it was a strong vocal and actually a bit sexy when he wasn't really trying to be, unlike the first song where he was trying too hard.

Syesha Mercado - "Proud Mary" / "A Change is Gonna Come"

She looks great in the gold dress, but I'm not seeing this performance as better than any typical Vegas revue. She does exude confidence but still not a lot of personality.

Second song - Another great dress. This was a little dirge-ish until she belted out the final run in true diva fashion. The song choice gave her a bit of gravitas, but it was a bit dull. Paula was right though (for once) - Syesha has grown a lot during this competition.

Jason Castro - "I Shot the Sheriff" / "Mr. Tambourine Man"

Jason does nothing to break from his pothead image by choosing a Bob Marley song. He had a bit more energy than usual. But it made him look very white and a little ridiculous. Wow, the judges were hard on him...sometimes that has the opposite effect and brings sympathy votes.

Second song - more of the usual, Jason and his guitar and no big vocal demands. Apparently he forgot some words but I didn't notice. Well, he's still cute.

David Archuleta - "Stand By Me" / "Love Me Tender"

This was a good song choice for David and his voice sounded very pure and true. He added some runs to make a simple song more challenging. Sometimes I think he looks like he could be a hobbit, but I enjoyed the performance.

Second song - David sang this in a very heartfelt fashion, making eyes at the camera like a presexual Constantine and selling his devotion to every girl in the home audience. He took an old chestnut of a song that typically bores me (and I'm an Elvis fan) and found something new in it. I can't see anybody derailing his train to Idoldom.


Seems pretty clear that the judges want Jason gone, and he did little to save himself, although the teens and tweens may still vote in droves for his dreamy eyes. But I think Jason leaves this week, with Syesha in the Bottom 2.

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