Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Okay, So International Ghost Hunters Sucks a Little Less This Season

Andy Andrews is really ramping up his bid to be like Grant from the original Ghost Hunters. I like Andy though because I like his protestant go-get-em work ethic and his willingness to pronounce every word so clearly and loudly. However, I do appreciate the many comments from my commentary last season. And I agree, Andy and Robbbbb are still no Jay and Grant. What is it about Jay and Grant? They’re like Siegfried and Roy or somethin. I do appreciate that Jesus is not a main character so far this season, I really do. And I’m cool with Jesus. It's just that I want the adults to hunt ghosts by their own wits is all. Another thing I appreciate: the swapping of Shannon for Dustin. Our couch theory is that Donna threw her weight around behind the scenes to get that taken care of. Dustin’s hat wearing techniques…work…my last….nerve. It’s too much. It’s just too much. Um...is that his pinup shot posted here? But overall, I like his staunch unwillingness to descend into hysteria. Speaking of which, I don’t trust anything that comes out of that Irishman’s camera.


Anonymous said...

My daughter and I have been fans of GH and then felt we SHOULD watch GHI when it came on. It wasn't the same as GH, but it was "ok". I totally agree with your points made on the first season, and now this one. With Donna gone now, the only thing that keeps us watching is Dustin, because he seems like the same old Dustin from GH. And, like you pointed out - where IS the evidence?? I got a good laugh out of your description of Barry...SO true! Let's just hope GH stays the same - there's no one like Jason and Grant!

Anonymous said...

Barry sees more ghosts than that little kid on "The Sixth Sense."

I admire the original series as well, but IGH is all over the place. What happened to conducting investigations in a professional matter? I wouldn't let these guys go anywhere near anything valuable of mine. Last week Andy's breaking pieces of an ancient castle off to show how the pieces might fall to the ground. The guest on the show told him to please leave some of the castle standing. Then he climbs up to an area where the team was told not to venture for safety reasons. It was disrespectful to the owners of the castle and totally unprofessional.

Bonju Patten said...

I am a fan of neither GH or GHI but I always liked
Donna La Croix, rosary beads aside. GH's Jason H
is a supreme asshole as his trannie side-kick
Grant. They are both mean and silly when it comes
to delegating chores. Jason who is supposed to be
friends with Brian, practically rubbed him out for
the likes of scary-Stephen Gonsalves, the tat monster s
scared of his own shadow. GH is laughable without mediums or real psychic investigators - they use
a great many actors.

The fact that you mentioned Most Haunted in your first post by saying that they were almost fradulent
which is untrue, less you forget that Grant & Jason
are the MARIO BROTHERS - they are plumbers dealing with shit all day long. Apparently unhappy with their station in life they like to hand shit out to whomever joins the TAPS family. Admittingly so I dislike Andy Andrews who needs to get a new name with that pointy witchlike puss he shows the camera and his debunking is usually a mess. Indeed he and Stephen G are both annoying blockheads. Lastly Rob is wasted on GHI as is Donna. Shannon is a shill and really an actress albeit scared of her own shadow and did not get along with everyone else, esp Donna. GHI is a joke as is GH and any ghost group that participates in the TAPS family is not on my list of people to know.

Anonymous said...

A Fan!

It is funny to me that so many people know so much about a topic that is unstudied! It is also strange to me that everyone can do a better job than those who do it on a regular basis! I am willing to gamble and say that 99.9% of the people who write on this blog have never in their life seen much less hunted a ghost! And if they did, would run much like Barry and Steve as someone has pointed out! Yet they have the experience to tell others how to do their job...even when it comes to hunting ghosts.

Myself,I am a fan of both GHI and GH. I find the shows fun and engaging. But that is what they are...shows. Each is different unto itself and has a life of its own. I thought that is what made TV entertaining. If GHI was just like GH then it would be GH, not its own show and story. In fact I am glad that they are so different, it keeps me wondering what this group is up to this week. I also like the limited format. A few months of GHI and then back to new shows of GH.

On a different note, It is dishearting to hear people speak so viciously about people they have never be introduced to in person. It is a TV show! It seems to me that no matter what GHI does they can not win...just because they are not Jason and Grant! So what!

I know we are all allowed to have our own thoughts. Yet it would be nice sometimes for us to look at something for what it is. This is a show about Ghost hunting it is not a show about how to save the planet. Just relax and enjoy it.

However, I do have one question...What happened to Brian (maybe I missed something?) When Donna left because she was sick, we were told. Brian on the other hand just vanished. Maybe he was a ghost! ENJOY happy hunting

Yogi said...

Yes, what did happen to Brian. He seems to have just disappeared. I wonder if it has anything to do with his past with Andy. I know they were not on good terms for a while there. In fact, I was rather surprised to see them both working together again.

Speaking of Andy, I find him somewhat obnoxious. To me, he comes across as arrogant and condescending. His enthusiasm towards debunking feels forced and false.

Barry, I like. He has a good sense of humour about himself and does not seem to take himself as seriously as some of the others do at times. He also speaks more than one language and has a working knowledge of the different kinds of hauntings and/or folklore found in the various European countries. He also seems open to using new technology when ghost hunting.

I will continue to watch "Ghost Hunters International" if for no other reason than for a lot of the history provided through the show.

Anonymous said...

I too am happy to see Dustin replace Shannon. (And am completely bothered by the way Dustin wears his head-gear!) I felt Shannon was rather abrasive toward her fellow Ghost Hunters.
Andy Andrews needs less camera-time. He just seems so smug and self-important - too annoying!
I had such high hopes when this show first came on the air, and was completely dissapointed to see who was cast. The only ones I thought added any credibility to the show are Barry, Donna and Brian. They may be a bit quick to say "What was that?", but upon looking at the evidence they always see the real picture. With as many awesome locations scattered around Europe, I am suprised that they jump around as much as they do. Seems to me that they should try to do the investigations in some kind of order ...?
Now being someone who has seen a few ghosts, and had some strange things happen in my presence, I really admire what they do. I am not sure if I could knowingly put myself in this position on a regular basis ... maybe on occasion. Who knows? I only know that all in all, they are doing a good job, in spite of how annoying they can be. Aren't we all?

Anonymous said...

I too am wondering what happened to Brian, but do not miss him. When he left GH the show got so much better, then he turns up on GHI, I was so dissappointed, he is so annoying, I hope he is gone for good.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for GHI. I used to like Barry, but now he sort of annoys me. As for Donna, she left for medical reasons, and Brian, you can find out about him here:
Brian Harnois

Hope that helps. I also hope GHI gets better. I can't stand the guy in charge though, yuk

Anonymous said...

GH is a lot better then GHI. I guess Barry is the reason. Barry pisses me off. Everything he does is perfect. All his ideas seem to work. And there been no evidence like what is found on GH. I'm tired of his routine. And now he's the tech mgr instead of Brian. Now I have to hear even more of him. Augh!!!! He comes across as a phoney and crackpot. And of course all Ghosts speak the universal language of English when they die. Give me a break. More Dustin and Donna please.

Anonymous said...

I remember on a couple of shows Brian keep getting phone calls from his girlfriend during investagations which I think caused alot of problems.I love the shows but I would say I love ghost hunters better there is always more evidence and proof on their show.Keep up the good work guys.Your doing a great job....

Anonymous said...

The second season......I don't even know where to start.... Unfortunately I find it even more absurd than the first....I must admit that I have never "hunted" a ghost.. I never have had to I myself lived in a home occupied by by an entity of which to this day is still as far as I know of unkown origin. I am uncertain if it were human or non, I know that on many occasions it was quite maliscious in intent. My point in all of this is that having lived "their dream" I can sincerely say that they are nothing but a motley crew of self promoting amateur hacks....None of them worse than Barry Fitzgerald.... That guy and his full spectrum camera array need to go back to whatever funny farm they came from. Lastly as far as Jesus is concerned, as believer or not in many cases of true hauntings if you will.. Invoking him will be your only saving grace. Please be advised that GHI is a poor attempt at entertainment.. Nothing more....If they by some stroke of pure dumb luck uncover any type of docmented spirt activty.. It is just that dumb luck they have no skills other than Sci Fi's financial backing for their equipment, travel expenses etc..... There are a number of orginizations out there that do in fact help people in need of ridding their lives of negative energies. It's too bad that one of them can't get a television deal. Now that would be time well spent in front of the television for all of us.....

Anonymous said...

I love GH but watching GHI is like watching a bad B movie with really bad actors. Rob is as personable as a wet rag and Barry is just a whiner. Dustin looks like he belongs on nik at nite with that backward upside down visor and where did they dig up the new on Angela does she think she is a twelve year old boy from the streets with that ball cap pulled down low and crooked. GHI is a waste of air time i would rather watch Gilligan try to get off the island then watch GHI try and find a ghost. Jason and Grant should be embarrassed with this mess. Get rid of Rob and Dustin and Barry and Angela and bring back Brian he was the only interesting one on there.

Anonymous said...

GHI is so bad I was compelled to come online and complain about it!

They proclaim EVERYTHING as haunted... every noise as an EVP and every blip on that full spectrum camera as a ghost... its silly!

And.... WTF is with that metro kid with the upside down visor?! I'd kick my own ass if I looked like that kid or spent as much time on my hair and visor.... ugh. Jay and Grant... please take these guys off the air!

Bruce Wayne said...

I have to agree. This is painful. One question though...is Angela...Andy?

I notice he is gone but Angela looks ALOT like Andy.

Just curious

JJN said...

The only reason I watch GHI is that I enjoy the places that they visit. I've always thought trying to speak to an entity in English is stupid. Also, asking them to set off their lights on their devices is lame. If these people actually died when they were supposed to have, they would not understand what their devices are. They need to fine tune a few things but I still always look forward to watching.

Anonymous said...

GHI is a terrible spinoff! In my opinion, it should never have been made. The only redeeming person on the show is, maybe barry. Honestly what year is this,dustin's hairstyle seems to be stuck in the 90's! Rob don't even get me started on him. All I can say is what a douche!! As evidenced by his douchebag haircut and beard. Now besides these problems, what evidence has this show ever produced? I haven't seen anything that's impressive. It pisses me off that every week its the same thing. If I hear another "Did you hear that?" I'm going to kill someone! Now I love watching the original Ghost Hunters. Both Jay and Grant are real people. This you can tell by they're allowance of family moments into the show, showing they're just like you or I. Rob has that to cool for school attitude. If you had the evidence to back the attitude, well then great. But week after week it's the same story, despite the amazing locations they come up with Jackshit!! If I wanted to watch a travel show I have the Travel Channel. It's been far too long for this show to be running, hopefully this will be the last. The evidence speaks for itself on the original. After seeing the person warming himself by the stove on the IR camera that was it for me. I'll be a Ghost Hunters fan for a while!! I'd be happy if barry went back to GH.

Anonymous said...

I love GHI and GH. I do want to say though that everyone seems to be bashing on GHI and thinks Jay and Grant are so perfect. Well, I might have agreed with you until I saw them doing commercials for Turbo Tax. Now I am thinking that this is just a money racket for them. The GHI team on the other hand seem to really care and be devoted to what they are doing. And when I saw the first episode of GHI I was the happiest person on earth that Barry was going to be a part of that team. He is good at what he does. And now I like Robb since he got his eyebrows under control. Dustin's hat and hair do not bother me at all. That is how he rolls.

Anonymous said...

Not sure exactly how old this post is but agree completely. I love,love,love GH but GHI just doesn't hold a candle. Just like you said, there is very little debunking and EVERYTHING is haunted. I liked Berry at first but now he kind of annoys me. I had complete faith in GH (about it all being real) but GHI has made me wonder. I recently watched the "Hitler's Ghost" episode where they went to the Gran Hotel in Miramor, Argentina (?). At one point Berry and Paul Bradford are in a room and Paul says he saw a black mass go by the window. He runs to look out it saying nobody is there and that the window is "to high up for anybody to actually walk past that window." The cameraman pans out and shows Berry talking with Paul in the background standing by the window looking out and low and behold you see SOMEONE (not ghost or something) standing outside the window and walk out of view. It was never addressed. Nobody said anything. Not at that point in time nor in the "review sessions". So now I am not so sure it isn't all set up. Oh well, I guess there is the entertainment still....