Monday, October 20, 2008

Recapping The Hills - Who to Choose?

Uh-oh, someone let Audrina in the main house again. She goes into LC's room and tells her she spent the weekend with Cory the Aussie. Audrina says Justin Bobby is paying more attention to her now that she's got another man. "I dont know. He's a weird one. I don't get him, " Audrina says, mastering the obvious. Justin Bobby is, essentially, unknowable.

Spencer summons Steph to his coffeehouse. He complains about Heidi's mom bitching him out and about Holly living with them. "I can't even imagine disliking a sister more. That should make you feel good, " Spencer says. "That's like a demented compliment, but thanks," says Steph, queen of low expectations. Steph cautions that he can't go to war with her family but Spencer has already launched some nukes.

Over at People's Revolution, Whitney and LC are hanging up clothes again. LC invites Whitney to a BBQ in Malibu because the show is like Groundhog Day. LC says she doesnt know if Audrina will bring Justin Bobby or Cory to the BBQ. LC admits she would prefer it to be Cory.

Audrina appears to be in nice restaurant with Cory, except he's wearing a Red Bull baseball cap backwards. She invites him to the Malibu BBQ.

LC is delighted to find Audrina and Cory in her kitchen after a night of wild passion. They talk about their excitement for the BBQ. They go to BBQs every week. How is this one going to be more exciting than the last?

Over at Spencer's and Heidi's, Spencer demands that Heidi not invite her sister to brunch. He then gives Heidi the ultimatum - either Holly moves out or he moves out. When Spencer says that Holly is imposing on them, Heidi reminds him that he lived with his sister for two months. Oh snap!

The BBQ is at a mansion I've been to! OK, it wasn't for a party but I was looking at it as a possible location for the Google summer picnic (but we decided the cliffside location wasn't so good for small kids). Audrina and Cory cuddle in the pool. Frankie, Doug, and Brody show up, and Frankie and LC bicker over whether Frankie should invite "his boy" Justin Bobby to this BBQ. It looks like Frankie has vitiligo, but maybe he's just peeling. Hmm, I guess a lot has changed since Justin Bobby didn't speak to any of the gang at social gatherings. Frankie wants to know if Cory or Justin Bobby are going to Cabo - or both! Whitney looks bored, like she'd rather be conversing with Andre Leon Tally. Frankie tells Audrina that Brody invited Justin Bobby to Cabo. Awkward stares all around.

Audrina and LC take their dog accessory for a hike at Runyon Canyon. "My gosh you're like juggling men," LC says, regarding the Justin Bobby and Cory triangle. LC puts in a vote for Cory.

Heidi tells Holly that she's picking Spencer over her. Holly worries she'll be out on the street with a shopping cart. "I can't figure out your life for you," Heidi says. Holly doesn't understand why it has to be an ultimatum, and neither do I.

Justin Bobby and Audrina drink wine poolside, and Justin Bobby encourages Audrina to swim. He then says he'll only get in if she takes off her top and swims to the other side so he can chase her. Audrina does as she's told. Audrina brings up Cabo and Justin Bobby says he's going to get in trouble in Cabo. "It's on," he says. Audrina admits she cares if Justin Bobby bangs other girls. She looks like she wants to cry but then cuddles with him anyway. What can you say - chicks dig bad boys.

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Im so glad whitney is gone, shes a wonna be!!