Saturday, November 29, 2008

Acrostic Movie Review - Doubt

Doubting isn't
Acceptable in
Religious life, but sometimes it's hard to
Keep the faith when sinister suspicions arise and

Kids are potentially in danger. John Patrick Shanley
Nicely adapts his play for the screen, coaxing
Inspired performances from Streep, Hoffman, a scene-stealing Viola Davis.
Gut-wrenching drama ensues when Streep's tough nun
Has to confront Hoffman's affable priest
To determine if he's doing evil.

Of course, the movie
Fails to differentiate filmically from a play and gets a

Tad claustrophobic with so many tight,
Heated confrontations. Also, Meryl's Bronx accent is
Excessive. Must she always be acting in tongues?

Still, the film soars
On great performances and will be represented on Oscar night,
Up there with Batman. It's
Like a...

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