Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ghost Hunters International Sucks Less Now!

I feel like I’ve lost a whole year of GHI. While my bf has been hooked beyond walking away… no matter how bugaboo the show was for the first two seasons, I slept through all of the second season. Literally, the music would come on and I’d be out. I couldn’t even enjoy its badness.

This year, some very good structural improvements have been made. Brian is gone. I admit, I kind of liked Brian-drama but then again I never had to work with him. Meanwhile, Barry has taken over equipment setup. He’s good at that. Give him something to focus on and he stops going haywire over every shadow, noise or fancy e-meter reading. Less of him talking is a good thing. He sounds arrogant when he talks. Maybe he can’t help it.

Now if I had a dime for every time we asked is that a scar or a skinny soul patch? I’d be able to buy a big gulp right now at the 7-Eleven.

Andy Andrews is also gone and although I did like him too, the combination of leader Rob and Dustin (who has stepped up to be the #2 guy) has more chemistry. Andy was too intense sometimes. I always felt he was overcompensating for something, which he didn’t need to do because he was bright and well-spoken. And he didn’t take no grief from ghosts although he didn’t seem so keen of a debunker on GHI that he was on Ghost Hunters the original.

Three new members are now on the show, all good: Joe, Brandy and Angelica. The girls are great: no theatrics or politics (at least as far as we can see), very hard to spook. The only thing that bugs me about those two is their over-application of eye shadow. Like Dustin’s (improved but still) occasional insistence on wearing his top-less baseball cap backward and upside down, it’s distracting and unnecessary. Ghosts are not impressed.

But best of all, GHI is back to doing some freakin debunking again! Say a hallelujah everybody. That’s what I like to see because then when they do find something strange, it’s more believable when we know they’ve done due-diligence debunking. Plus the debunking solutions are usually more interesting than the ghost activity.

I’m like, get on with your afterlife already, ghosts! Or say something interesting then!

GHI has also been to some better locations this season: Dracula’s castle (guess what: not haunted) and a Paris chateau. These guys are finally interesting enough to start watching again. Thank god, because I’ve been oversleeping.

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