Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hey, Vincent, Here's One Blogger Who Likes You!

Wow, what a great
Project Runway reunion special tonight! Of course, it would have been better if they actually waited 'til the show was over and we had a winner, so we could hear everyone's opinion on the winner, but I guess it's more important for Bravo to draw out the suspense and run 13 more days of marathons before wrapping it up with a bow and a rosette.

Since the beginning of this season,
Vincent Libretti has been my favorite, and the show's been a bit dull for me since he was auf'd (twice). I really can't explain why he turns me on. Is it perhaps his repetition of phrases like "it turns me on" and "it gets me off" that have seeped into my subconscious? Was it inappropriate of me in the supermarket checkout line today when asked by an elderly shopper why I was buying so much Vitamin Water when it wasn't even on sale to say "it turns me on"? It just seems like the perfect answer to most any question, or at least an answer that can end any unwanted conversation.

There was a great "it turns me on" medley of Vincent on the show tonight and also some quite damning footage of him calling all the other designers amateurs and then ripping into a poor production assistant because his laundry was done against his wishes and a $125 shirt was ruined. I am willing to forgive these drama king moments and just reflect on the wonder of Vincent. Let's not forget his recycled dress with the bits of paper stuck all over it or his basket hat. And let's remember that he actually did win a challenge - the Everyday Woman challenge - even if he did benefit from having one of the thinner everyday women as a model. There's something to be said for a guy who can get kicked off the show twice and still speak about himself with the utmost confidence and admiration. The dude redefines self-love - he gets himself off! And then there's my favorite Vincent moment, which came at the end of the recycling challenge. Laura, whose ponytail must be pulled so tight that it makes her tense, took exception to his continued existence on the show: "She couldn't f*cking walk in that dress, Vincent!" And a dead-pan Vincent retorted, "Why don't you go shove some
Harry Winstons up your nose."

So, Vincent, after watching
your video clip on in which you lambaste bloggers for calling you crazy and potentially a serial killer or child molester, I wanted you to read a positive blog entry about yourself. I think there's one in here somewhere.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok, first real post! No adverising here!!!

Anyways, I really think vincent is a little crybaby...and curiously annoying...yet I really want to get to know him more. I think he's more of an artist than a clothing designer though.... He would be fun to be at a kick back party with....imagine after a few drinks he would get even more entertaining!

I'm still rooting for Michael to win! Uli is too predictable, Jeffrey is an ass, and Laura is a female ass :)