Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Found Some Blog

I found some take away the heartache, to take away the loneliness I beean feelin' since you been gone....since you've been gone....gone blogging.

You're not getting enough Cher coverage are you? You need it on a weekly basis, no doubt. This is why I (
Cher Scholar in another incarnation) have decided, for some reason unknown even to myself, to start a Cher blog in order to wax philosophical about Cher and life. The blog was launched just in time for all the Cher auction brouhaha last week when Cher sold 700 knick knacks in order to redecorate her Malibu mansion. Okay...some of the cash will be given to charity, too. Coolia and I chat during the auction about one hot item Coolia coveted, an armadillo lamp given to Cher by Gene Simmons. Did Coolia lose her bids? Or did she overspend and wind up one of recipients of one of Cher's charities? Rest assured: snarkiness will abound! Check it out:

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