Friday, November 24, 2006

Ape-Authored Fiction Now Available!

For the past 10 or so years, I have labored on and off (ok...mostly off) on an as-yet-unpublished novel called Earth City. The novel follows a year in the life of heroine Astrid Lutz, who graduates from college, moves back in with her parents in St. Louis, does temp work, sings karaoke, and dates the lead singer of a Journey cover band. You can now read two chapters from this opus in print in the new issue of the Air in the Paragraph Line zine. Jon Konrath, the editor, describes the zine thusly: _______________________________________________________________

Air in the Paragraph Line is an anthology of fiction, stories, rants, and tales by up-and-coming writers who are entertaining, obscure, and cutting-edge. It's designed to be readable, enjoyable, and cheap.

Issue 11 is the "work" issue, containing 22 stories about work (or lack thereof) by Tony Byrer, Joshua Citrak, Mike Daily, Kurt Eisenlohr, Nile577, Josh Hamilton, M. David Hornbuckle, Robert W. Howington, Stephen Huffman, mj klein, Jon Konrath, Dege Legg, Sarah Katherine Lewis, Vijay Prozak, Lisbeth Riesh, j Pedersen, John Sheppard, Motel Todd, Julie Wiskirchen, and Sergeant Zeno.

Issue 11 is 238 pages with 21 stories by 19 writers and no useless filler, for only $10.99 plus shipping. To order, or for a preview, click here.


I am sure it will provide you all with very entertaining receptionist desk temp job reading, and I thank you for your support.

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