Monday, November 20, 2006

Take the Howard Stern Fan Survey

Hey Howard Stern fans, please take a moment and help out Ape Culture's friend Jeanine. She's doing a paper on Howard Stern fans for a media studies class at Queens College and needs fans to fill out this survey. If you haven't listened since he moved to Sirius, you can still participate. The survey is short and painless.

Sample "Rate the Segment" question:

5. Howard's parents are scheduled to visit the studio to tape a segment of "Meet the Sterns." The taping is cancelled and will be rescheduled, but someone forgets to tell the Sterns, and Howard's mother waits for hours for the car to pick them up on Long Island. Prolonged discussion and shifting of blame ensues.
- - - - - - - - - -
A = Can't leave the house/car till it's over / would love to catch this segment
B = Somewhat interested / somewhat entertained / take it or leave it
C = No interest / can't wait till it's over / good time to take a break

You also get to name your favorite whack packer - mine is Crazy Alice.

With questions like these, The Howard Stern Fan Survey is almost as entertaining as the Stern show itself!

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