Tuesday, April 24, 2007

American Idol - Belting for Charity

Chris Richardson - "Change the World"

Coolia: This was a good song choice for Chris. It didn't require him to stretch at all, but he delivered a smooth, pleasant vocal. He also managed to put a bit of an R&B spin on it.
I only liked the chorus parts. It sounded shakey and akward in the beginning. I really didn't get the judges praise on this one. It was OK at best. (but he's still really cute)
Nerdia: Good boy band rendition. He sang good.

Melinda Doolittle - "There Will Come a Day"

Coolia: Melinda looked pretty - nice dress. As usual, she delivered a powerful vocal without flaws as far as I could tell. She gave the song a true gospel vibe. I still can't get excited over her though.
Yes...she was really good. I'm bored.
Nerdia: Well, I actually liked it. She might be best suited for gospel. Liked the song a lot. My bf said 'another Jerry Lewis Telathon performance from Melinda.'

Blake Lewis - "Imagine"

Coolia: Blake has some cojones to take on this signature John Lennon tune. I thought this was a really heartfelt performance. His jacket, however, looked like it may have come from a garage sale at Simon Le Bon's place.
Deb: A
gain, didn't like the beginning, it seemed flat. It was OK vocally (is this risidual) but I'm still bored. He was still and dull.
Nerdia: He always Morrissey's everything. Ordinary. Flat. Simon, how can you sing this song insincerely? It's got sincerity built in.

Lakisha Jones - "I Believe"

Coolia: I'm so frustrated with Lakisha. I can't imagine why she would choose to do Fantasia's Idol-winning single. It came across to me like she was trying to prove she was better than Fantasia, and she didn't prove it. She delivered a strong performance, and I liked her black dress, but there was no getting past that horrific song choice.
Wow, ambitious choice. It was slow to start...even some dead spots. She has great vocals, but she lacks the "life" and emotion Fantasia brought to the song. I think it was a mistake for a song choice (as there are bound to be comparisons) but overall she still sounded strong.
Nerdia: I miss Fantasia; I really do.

Phil Stacey - "The Change"

Coolia: Phil delivered another strong vocal, but I caught myself yawning.
I so liked the beginning I paused it and moved to sit closer. I listened..and REALLY liked. I replayed it 2 more times. I think (know) this was by FAR his best in this whole competition. His voice was really good and he showed emotion. Sure he doesn't rock the "bald" as well as some men, but he still sounded great. I WILL vote. He deserves to stay another week.
Nerdia: I expected this guy to be voted off MONTHS ago.

Jordin Sparks - "You'll Never Walk Alone"

Coolia: Jordin picked a really difficult song and did it proud. She looked great and belted like an Idol. I thought it was a little shrill in spots, but overall, still great.
I KNEW I would love this so I sat close and listened (through others' performances I'll be in the kitchen doing something or moving around). She moved me. I loved loved loved it. She looked stunning and sounded amazing and seemed to put everything into it, including her emotions. These are the kinds of performances I really look forward to on this show. I will vote vote vote vote and vote some more for her.
Nerdia: Still Disnified and really, this was a Jerry Lewis Telathon standard...but she did great. I think she's really started to shine.


Coolia: Lakisha goes home, with Phil and Chris in the bottom 3.
Deb: I think Blake, Chris, and Lakisha deserve to be the bottom 3.
Nerdia: Blake, Lakisha, Chris

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