Wednesday, April 04, 2007

American Idol - Really Old School Night

Blake Lewis - "Mack the Knife"

Deb: It's interesting that these people don't take the advice of the professional singers. He didn't slow the song down as advised, and I think that was a mistake. He seemed to sing ahead of the music a little. Overall not bad, but for the token boy-bander I'll take Chris R.
Terry: His voice fit the song very well. He surprised me with how well he did. However, I think he would have done even better if he had taken Tony Bennett's advice to heart and slowed things down some.
Coolia: I like that Tony clarified for Blake that this was a pre-rap song about a gangsta. Blake was good, but kinda dull. I still love the sound of his voice.
Nerdia: My lease favorite Blake performance. He seems uncomfortable without a beat.

Phil Stacey - "Night and Day"

Deb: OK he might be a bit creepy but he has grown on me (is it the fact I have a fever?). Was he trying to sound like Tony? This isn't his genre but I still thought he sounded good. I really want him to stay longer than Sanjaya and Haley at the very least. I'll vote (again).
Terry: Nosferatu should ALWAYS wear a hat. That said, he was another pleasant surprise, and this style fit him well. But, despite the good vocal and good fit it lacked the projection of any real emotion from the song. And, Tony Bennett is his "hero"....I so seriously doubt THAT!
Coolia: Man, Phil is hard to look at. I solve the problem by closing my eyes when he sings. His vocal held up pretty well to that test, but the judges slammed him so hard I think he could go home.

Nerdia: Dull Tony Bennett impersonation.

Melinda Doolittle - "I've Got Rhythm"

Deb: Come on, is it really THAT hard to believe "someone" believes in her? (insert eyeroll here). Hmmm, I actually got a little lost when she was singing the faster parts. This definitely wasn't her best but what folks will remember always are her big finishes. America is too gullible (or I'm too cynical...or a little of both).
Terry: Hated the dress. Hated it. Loved the hairdo. Loved it. And, of course, yet another terrific performance.
Coolia: I agree with Deb - I no longer buy her "I'm shocked that someone thinks I'm good" face. And I agree with Terry on the wardrobe - she looked like a sauage. But still, I can't fault the vocal.

Nerdia: Has no real sass or sex appeal. The judges can't criticize her because she's not taking any risks to criticize.

Chris Richardson - "Don't Get Around Much Anymore"

Deb: Definitely one of the best vocals so far. I really liked his song choice. So what if he sounds like J.T. - I like him. He was fun and looked great. I'll have to vote.
Terry: Good with a bit of a hip flip to it. But, it is becoming painfully apparent that although he may have good range he lacks the ability to project. He does a lot of whispering singing. I find that quite
annoying. Seinfeld could make a 30 minute skit out of this guy.
Coolia: I agree he did a nice job making the song more "today." His hat was cute but paired with the dropped suspenders and jeans, it was a bit much.

Nerdia: This performance has 'tude! He managed to be hip without deconstructing the hell out of it (note to Blake). Star performance.

Jordin Sparks - "On a Clear Day"

Deb: It's a shame she's being overshadowed by Lakisha and Melinda because she's easily as good as both of them, only younger and prettier and more fun. I love her!!! She sounded amazing...AGAIN! She brings it every week! I vote for her more than any other every week. She NEEDS and deserves to make the final 4 at the very least.
Terry: She looked like a star and she sang like a star.
Coolia: It's tough to take on a Barbra song, even one from a mediocre movie that featured Jack Nicholson as her hippie brother. Good job.

Nerdia: Better than Melinda but she's too Disney for me. The judges say her rendition sounds old. (helloo…see Melinda!)

Gina Glocksen - "Smile"

Deb: Pretty song. Well done vocally. Why don't I have more words to write? (She's different...but that won't get her much further in this competition.
Terry: Decent verging on good vocal. But, I didn't feel the emotion behind the song. Nice vocals but bland presentation.
Coolia: This is mean, but she's got a wonky eye and I'm finding I fixate on it during her performances. A good vocal and an unusual song choice, but a bit bland.

Nerdia: Love'd her understated performance. Love her makeup and hair, the fact that we can see her face!

Sanjaya Malakar - "Cheek to Cheek"

Deb: He can sing...he should just only do it in the car or the shower. His voice is dull, no pizazz. Not horrible, not A.I. America, I hope you feel bad for potentially ruining a nice kid.
Terry: At some point I'm going to stop writing anything about this joke and start pretending he doesn't exist. Sigh! It's just so futile. Anyway, the white suit set off his pearly wihite teeth...and eyes. Somewhat charismatic but lame, lame, lame vocals AGAIN!! (sigh! He'll be back again next
week....somebody shoot me now, please)
Coolia: I still look forward to Sanjaya. As was noted last night, he's entertaining, and you want to see what he'll do with his hair if not what he'll do with the song. He sure is getting sassy though - what did he say to Simon? It sounded like "Welcome to the Universe of Sanjaya". If we've been transported there, let's hope it's not a one-way ticket.

Nerdia: Cracks me up every time. He's fearless – dancing with Paula! He worked the room.

Haley Scarnato - "Ain't Misbehaving"

Deb: Heelloooooo cleavage. I actually liked her "performance" and playing with the song and the words. Her voice was good...just not powerful enough to draw attention away from the other powerful women singers. It takes guts and she deserves credit (but not votes).
Terry: Wow!....'em are some big ole boobies hanging there (who knew?). Style fit her vocals but her performance was a bit cabaret (I swear I thought that and wrote that down before Simon said one word). If she stays it will be because of her cleavage not because of this performance.
Coolia: I felt bad for her when the judges only commented on her appearance. It reminded me of something the young William Hurt character asks his dad in Broadcast News: "What can you do with yourself if all you can do is look good?"

Nerdia: Brought back the t&a but it's probably too late. It's insulting when the judges keep saying she's pretty instead of commenting on her singing. We can do it; but the judges are professionals!

Lakisha Jones - "Stormy Weather"

Deb: Great song choice. We already have Jennifer Hudson...I don't think we need another one so soon. She looked and sounded great, but tonight I think Jordin out "total packaged" her.
Terry: She reasserted herself. Not as good as Melinda or Jordin, but up in that triumvirate of the top 3.
Coolia: Big performance, big finish, but she needs to smile more and show more personality.

Nerdia: Her voice is quality. Sexy. She sings to the Lord.

Guest Judge - Tony Bennett

Terry: Tony Bennett was cool and had some use. More than others but far less than the better of the others (Barry Manilow rules!!).
Coolia: I liked having Tony on the show, mainly because it forced the kids to sing standards, which I always enjoy. He was right to emphasize to them all that they need to understand their songs and listen to the lyrics - when they don't it's my biggest pet peeve.


Deb: Gina goes home, with Haley and Jordin in the bottom 3.
Terry: Haley goes home, with Phil and Gina in the bottom 3.
Coolia: What Terry said.

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