Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Next Great American Band: Auditions

We at the Ape Blog can't resist shows from the American Idol machine...and this one looks like it might be pretty entertaining.

The Top 12

  • Tres Bien - They've got the retro 60s hipster thing going, but I was underwhelmed. Catchy tune, to be sure.
  • Light of Doom - How much did I love these 12 year old metalheads who cite Iron Maiden as their influence? Can they play with Legos? No, but they can play with madness!
  • The Hatch - I found these guys kinda boring, another dime-a-dozen band from Williamsburg. Their pretty boy frontman got them to advance by batting his eyelashes at Sheila E.
  • Clark Brothers - I liked these kids - 3 brothers from a family of 11 kids whose dad was an evangelist. Nice harmonies and guitar work but they need to be careful to not be too Hanson-esque. Mmmm...God!
  • Dot Dot Dot - Edgy looks and sassy cover of "Always Something There to Remind Me." I heard their single "Stay" on Sirius Radio today, so do they even need this show?
  • The Muggs - They describe themselves as "the ugliest band in the world" and I won't argue. Solid musicianship and a heart-tugging story as one member is recovering from a stroke, but they may be too old to please the kids.
  • Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - And now for something completely different...a big band. I'd agree with Dicko that Denver lacks the sex appeal of a Harry Connick Jr. or a Frank Sinatra.
  • Six Wire - They call themselves "edgy country" but I saw heavy "Rascall Flatts" influences in them. They harmonize well but they're kinda old.
  • Cliff Wagner and Old Number 7 - Cliff has a strange appeal. Their bluegrass cover of "Like a Virgin" got them through to the next round. I like them - they're quirky.
  • The Likes of You - We didn't get any backstory on these guys, but the singer was hot and had an amazing voice.
  • Franklin Bridge - Wow, these guys can rock. They reminded me of Living Colour. Dicko pronounced them a front runner.
  • Rocket - Girl rockers who seemed kinda generic to me. Dicko pulled a Simon Cowell by telling them only one of them was attractive.
Also Rans
  • Zombie Bazooka Patrol - I loved these guys! I'm so bummed they didn't make the Top 12, especially after we heard the judges say they'd made it through to the next round. Their song "Better Off Undead" was catchy and reminded me of Camper Van Beethoven.
  • Northmont - Lead singer Ward brooded about this being his last chance, and his band got 2 chances to audition, but they didn't distinguish themselves. Ward got high marks from the judges but I'm not sure why, with his tired Eddie Vedder climbing schtick.
  • Zolar X - Aliens from Plutonia. Earth was not amused.
  • Sizzling Happy Family - Had to give up their dreams if they didn't make it, and they failed to elevate over being a typical bar band, even though they did grill a rubber chicken in the middle of their guitar solo
  • Fifi LaRue - Fifi is a middle-aged "gothic killer klown" who lives at home with his mom.
  • Ian Dickson - Also known as "Dicko", Ian is the Simon Cowell of Australian Idol and he provides the brutal honesty
  • Sheila E - She's nice like Paula but sober.
  • Johnny Rzeznik - Goo Goo Dolls singer is still nice to look at, but his critiques didn't really get too specific.

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