Monday, October 29, 2007

The Next Great American Band: Bob Dylan Week

I'm not a Dylan fan, so I wasn't looking forward to this, but then as I watched I realized, wow, I really do like Bob Dylan's songs - just not when they're delivered by his nasally voice. This week each band did a Dylan cover and an original song.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - "Freight Train Blues" / "One Time Show"

These guys seem like a wedding band to me, and I have to agree with Dicko that Denver is just not sexy or charismatic enough as a frontman. I don't think they'll last long.

The Hatch - "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" / "Stretch Out The Time"

These guys are like The Killers Lite, minus the hot fuss.

Light of Doom - "All Along the Watchtower" / "Eye of the Storm"

I love these kids, even if Sheila E was correct to point out that their shirtlessness is a bit disturbing. They are musically very tight, and the singer has great energy, good hair (important for metal) and a good voice. Not sure about the lyrics of the original song - was he singing "We can't stand the weather"? Still, they'd get my vote, if I wasn't watching this on my DVR two days later.

The Likes of You - "Blowing in the Wind" / "Love and Gravity"

I thought I liked singer Geoff Byrd's voice last week, but this week it was kind of prissy and affected. Johnny was right to tell him to lay off the falsetto.

Rocket - "Knocking on Heaven's Door" / "Mean To You"

I enjoyed this performance, even if it's kind of easy to take a Dylan song that's already been rocked out by others and repeat the rocking out of it. I loved their original - very catchy. They're fun to watch.

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 - "Don' Think Twice It's Allright" / Some Original Song

I found the cover to be moving. They definitely played with feeling. I like these guys, but I wonder if they are too fugly and odd for the masses.

The Muggs - "Meet Me in the Morning" / "Slow Curve"

They're definitely good musicians but the judges were right to point out that the singer's voice is lacking, as is his confidence. I don't see them having much commercial appeal.

Clark Brothers - "Maggie's Farm" / "Billy the Kid"

I think these kids are among the front runners. They're cute, different, and great musicians. They need to be careful not to play on their cuteness too much or else become the Lawrence Brothers. Their original tune was very catchy.

Tres Bien - "Subterranean Homesick Blues" / "Easy to Love Me"

These guys just seem like fake retro to me, like so many other bands out there today.

Franklin Bridge - "Tangled Up in Blue" / "Incredible"

Sheila E predicted they'd win it all, and I do have to say they have a good shot at it. The singer is hot, and he's got a good voice. The band is really tight and able to get the crowd going. My only criticism is that they could use a stylist.

Dot Dot Dot - "Like a Rolling Stone" / "Another Stupid Love Song"

I like this band. They're fun to watch, and I like the mix of genders in the group. They do seem to spend a bit more time on their look than on their music, but I never faulted Duran Duran for that so I won't hold it against them.

Six Wire - "Mr. Tambourine Man" / "Good To Be Back"

The singer looks like Sawyer from Lost. He's got a nice voice, and the original tune was really good. Still, I'm not sure they are that different or interesting - they are typical new country. Sheila said they might win it, but I doubt it.


I think two bands get voted off next week. I think it will be Denver and the Mile High Orchestra and The Muggs.

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musikman said...

Your understanding of music is so naive your embarrasing yourself. The groups you like, I suspect that you like because that is YOUR TASTE, it has nothing to do with who played tight, arranged music correctly or actually played the right notes on their instruments. Why not just be honest next time?