Monday, November 12, 2007

The Next Great American Band: Billy Joel Week


Franklin Bridge - "Big Shot"

This sounded kind of muddled to me, but the judges loved it. Definitely some nice shredding and it rocked harder than the original. I do like these guys.

Cliff Wagner and The Old Number 7 - "You May Be Right"

I thought Cliff looked stylin' in his blue suit, but Dicko said he looked like he was auditioning to play Boss Hogg. They really slowed this tune down and played it slow, and I found it kinda oddly sexy.

Denver and The Mile High Orchestra - "Tell Her About It"

This was a pretty obvious song choice, but they played it well. Denver was more charming than usual, and we learned that his wife just had a baby, thus guaranteeing him congratulatory votes and sympathy votes since he's sacrificing time with his family for his career (cf, Phil from Idol).

Dot Dot Dot - "Pressure"

One of my favorite bands on this show performed one of my favorite Bill Joel tunes. Their frontman gave a wonderfully hammy performance that recalled A Clockwork Orange. He reminds me a bit of Simon Le Bon in that he compensates for not having the greatest voice by having a flair for the dramatic.

Six Wire - "She's Always A Woman"

They played the song in a mellow mood, and the singer delivered it with conviction. Nice harmonies, particularly the ending. In a Paula Abdul moment, Sheila E proposed to the singer.

Tres Bien - "Moving Out"

They didn't change up the song much, but they did add a garagey vibe. I like the singer - he's got nerdy charisma.

The Clark Brothers - "She's Got a Way"

I thought the singer looked tortured when he sang this, like he was a bit overwrought, but the judges loved it and said he connected with the material better than any of the others.

Light of Doom - "The Stranger"

The metal kids shredded through this tune with ferocity, very true to who they are. Great guitar work.

Sent Home

Rocket - I'll miss these gals, but I'm glad I didn't have to listen to them try to play "We Didn't Start the Fire."

The Muggs - I won't miss these guys, and I think their sour grapes faces as they were kicked off won't win them any fans.


I think just one band gets booted next week and it's hard to predict who it will be. All the bands got overall good comments from the judges. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Cliff Wagner and the Old Number 7 might be vulnerable, simply because they're not very attractive, and they played early in the show.

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