Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Next Great American Band: Lieber and Stoller Week


Light of Doom - "Jailhouse Rock"

Nice job workin' the crowd and great guitar solo, but they didn't really make the song their own. Also the singer's lack of vocal chops was noticeable.

The Clark Brothers - "Saved"

An interesting cover - but I find the singer to be overly intense. No matter what the song, he's got the intensity dialed up to 11. He's still cute, though.

Dot Dot Dot - "Love Potion #9"

I enjoyed their edgy rendition. They do seem kind of overly styled, though.

Cliff Wagner and The Old Number 7 - "Poison Ivy"

I really don't care for this song, but I liked their loungey version better than most. They did a good job adapting the tune to their style.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - "Ruby Baby"

I just have to reiterate that they are a cheesy wedding band. I might hire them for a company holiday party but, come on, people, they are not the next great American band!

Six Wire - "I Keep Forgettin"

This was a pleasant version and the song suited the singer's voice well. The Sawyer-esque singer gave the camera his usual smoldering look, which will likely earn them another week.

Tres Bien - "Some Other Guy"

This was a fun garagey performance. They're likable and could be a Monkees for the new generation.

Kicked Off

Franklin Bridge - I was stunned to see them go. I really thought they were one of the more talented bands, with a sexy frontman with a great voice. It's unbelievable that they left before Denver!


I think Denver and his Mile High Orchestra will be packing their many bags next week. At least, I hope so.

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