Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trippin Out at Pam Anderson's Estate Sale

Let's dispel those nasty rumors - just because she's having an estate sale doesn't mean Pamela Anderson is dead! She's very much alive and you can go see her this weekend in Malibu and root through her stuff!

When I got the Urban Daddy email yesterday about Pam Anderson's Estate Sale, I knew I had to check it out. Lucky for me, my friend Annie was into the idea as well, so we got up early today and drove up to Malibu High School, the parking area for the sale. Upon arrival, we were met by PAs from the new reality show "Pamela" and a security guard. We were told to leave our cameras in the car and made to sign a waiver agreeing to appear as background people in the TV show. We then boarded a black shuttle van and waited to depart. And we waited 15 minutes or so, until a PA came over and told us there was drama at the house! Apparently the neighbors were complaining about the traffic and about people being made to believe this was Pam's real house. It was just a rental house for the sale. The neighbors feared Pam stalkers would keep coming back and destroy their idyllic existence. So the PAs were being made to put up signs everywhere that said "This is not Pam's real house!" Eventually, the PA got the cue that it was okay to proceed, so our van proceeded on the short drive to the rented house.

Upon arrival, we saw a lemonade stand ostensibly staffed by Pam's and Tommy's offspring, Brandon and Dylan. In reality, a chef was manning the stand while Brandon and Dylan played football with a friend. They are cute kids, rambunctious but well-behaved. Dylan hit me with a spit ball, but apologized, saying he had been aiming for his friend.

We started browsing through the stuff - outside there was a tented area with white shabby chic couches, a ton of shabby chic patio furniture, and a bunch of toys and games. There was also a hot pink Butt Blaster exercise machine. As we were looking at Pam's tools, Pam emerged from the house, wearing short shorts and a t-shirt. She was actually at her own garage sale! She said hello to everyone and the camera crew followed her around as she second-guessed selling certain things. She reclaimed a pair of purple rain boots and put them on. She conferred with her mom, who was also there hanging out.

Inside a large garage, we found a ton of shabby chic furniture. How many armoires can one woman have? There were at least 10 huge ones for sale. An autographed orange life buoy from Baywatch was on a silent auction with a starting bid of $1800 (no bids yet). There were a lot of linens and kitchen stuff. One guy bought Pam's toaster and asked her to autograph it. He said he would be putting it by the autographed microwave he bought at Tori Spelling's sale.

I proceeded into the clothes room where I marveled at the many varieties of hooker shoes, all in size 5 1/2. I wear a size 9, so I could not take home any clear-bottomed platform heels. I then stumbled upon five faux fur coats in different colors and styles. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could actually fit in one. Maybe it belonged to Kid Rock rather than Pam? Either way, I was getting it, even if it was $150. Hey, all proceeds were going to PETA after all, and I'd been planning to buy one for Burning Man anyway. I also snapped up a fabulous pink and purple boa for $35. The clerk told me it was well-crafted and probably cost Pam $100. I doubt it, but I dig it anyway. Annie bought a little league T-shirt for the Malibu Braves. Brandon's and Dylan's names were on the back and she had them autograph it for her, and Pam signed it too - very cool souvenir!

Outside there was a giant pile of remote controls. I wondered if she had ditched them in favor of a universal remote. There was also a collection of about 25 metal buckets and wash tubs - not sure what that's about. Pam pointed out some kids furniture that she said was purchased for her kids by golfer John Daly. There were some books and CDs - Lots of normal stuff you'd find at any garage sale. In fact, we were struck by how normal Pam and the kids were. She chatted with customers, gladly signed items including underwear, and then dashed off in her Range Rover to take her kids to their baseball game. OK, not everything was normal. There were two gals dressed as chicken showgirls carrying "Boycott KFC" signs. Yes, the day was an odd mix of the surreal and the mundane, and it was all great fun.

Although we couldn't take our cameras to the sale, we did manage to get a photo on the run of Pam driving , as they happened to be heading south on PCH right when we were. Stars - they are just like us! They drive their kids to ballgames! They put items up for sale at yard sales and then have second thoughts and reclaim them! They hire chefs to run their children's lemonade stands!

Anyway, if you want a piece of Pam, be it a chainmail bra or an ice cream scoop, you have one more day to get there!


konberg said...

Too bad, the sale was canceled for Sunday.

Anonymous said...

You always win!

Drinks with Robert Vaughan - the Man from Uncle - pales by comparison!


Anonymous said...

Great work.