Tuesday, March 09, 2010

American Idol: Top Eight Girls

Katie Stevens - "Breakaway"

Katie is the type of contestant that Simon loves: teen, cute, solid voice, bland and easily molded. Unfortunately, her song choice was lame and only showed us that she's no Kelly Clarkson. I think she will be safe though, because she's so likable.

Siobhan Magnus - "House of the Rising Sun"

Wow, I thought this was really cool. I loved the acapella opening and found it to be really smooth and stirring. She felt the emotion of the song throughout the performance. This was a gutsy song choice, and she pulled it off. She's like a nicer Sinead O'Conner. I was surprised Simon was critical of the performance, and I hope that critique - coupled with her quirkiness - won't hurt her chances to advance. Clips of her dad in the audience being all intense brought back memories of Mr. Archuletta.

Lacey Brown - "The Story"

Lacey's makeup was so thick tonight that visions of Tammy Faye came to mind. And she's a pretty girl - she doesn't need to apply the makeup with a trowel. She also shouldn't raid Mrs. Roper's closet when it's time to choose an outfit for the show. I'd agree with the judges that this was her best performance yet. But while Simon praised her knowledge of where the cameras were and her ability to play to them, her calculated stage presence reminded me of her lookalike Nikki McKibben winking at the camera. It somehow rings false.

Katelyn Epperly - "I Feel the Earth Move"

I kinda like Katelyn, but I'm afraid she will be going home. The judges nailed her to the cross for doing this Carole King tune. I thought they were a little overly harsh, but they were right that it was a pretty easy song to choose. She looked cute, but it was a cruise ship performance.

Didi Benami - "Rhiannon"

I was happy to see Didi redeem herself with a haunting rendition of this Fleetwood Mac chestnut. It was a gusty song choice after Lacey was criticized for picking "Landslide." Didi's performance recalled her Hollywood Week "American Boy" audition - lots of style and emotion.

Paige Miles - "Smile"

Paige failed to make the audience and the judges turn their frowns upside down with this performance. It was pretty dreadful, and Ellen was right to point out that she missed the uplifting spirit of the song. I think Paige will have to find a way to smile while her heart is breaking on Thursday when's she sent home.

Crystal Bowersox - "Gimme One Reason"

The judges loved this song choice, but I thought it was kinda predictable. Still, she really belted it out, and she's becoming more likable. Simon said she would sail into the Top 12, and I'm sure he's right.

Lilly Scott - "I Fall to Pieces"

Bjork does Patsy Cline. Apparently it's just me, but I feel like this girl's voice is like fingernails on the chalkboard. I don't get it.

Who's Going Home?

Paige, Katelyn, Lilly, and Lacey all seem vulnerable. I'm gonna ponder a while, but I'm thinking it'll be Paige and Katelyn going home.

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