Thursday, February 25, 2016

American Idol : Top 14

The show began with the judges announcing their four unanimous picks to make the Top Ten: Dalton Rappatoni, Olivia Rox, Trent Harmon, and  La'Porsha Renae. Of these the only one I'd question is Olivia, but she did show more talent in the Top 24 round than she did in Hollywood Week.  

Then the remaining ten contestants sang. The audience will vote, and six will make it through to the Top Ten. Here's a rundown of the performances...

Manny Torres - "Master Blaster" by Stevie Wonder. I found the song kind of muddled, although he was energetic and manly. He just doesn't seem special enough to me. Keith said it was not a great song choice. Going first and not picking a memorable song may doom him. 

Gianna Isabella - "I Put a Spell on You" by Annie Lennox. She looked pretty and a bit older with straightened hair. For a girl who is only 15, she is quite poised. J Lo said she has a great voice and was on the bubble as her #5 choice. She said she belongs in the Top Ten and I would agree. I wish the camera didn't cut to her rabid stage mom Brenda K Starr so much and would let Gianna shine on her own. 

Thomas Stringfellow - "Story of My Life" by One Direction. This was a good song for him, since it's rollicking and not too vocally demanding. He's a cutie - the ideal non-threatening teen idol. Harry said he is talented but cracks his voice too much, to the point of almost sounding like The Cranberries. No worries - I think the little girls will be texting and they'll have to let Thomas linger.

Tristan McIntosh - "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts. Tristan also straightened her hair. This must be the trend of the week for the 15 year olds in the competition. Her song choice serves to remind us of the tantrum she threw during Hollywood Week when she thought she wouldn't get to sing it, because it means soooo much to her. She delivers a strong rendition but I'm still hoping to see her break out of the country mode. Inexplicably, Keith said Tristan showed a side they hadn't seen - but she did that song already!  

Avalon Young - "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" by Chris Brown. Avalon seems to be aware that she's becoming a lesbian icon, regardless of her sexuality, with this winking song choice. She has such a nice tone to her voice. She's so likable that one barely notices her drab outfit. J Lo said she is getting more comfortable.

Jenn Blosil - "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper. Jenn had these cool wacky glitter eyebrows, but one of them was coming undone a bit at the corner and it was distracting.  This was a good song choice. Harry said it was a flawless lyric delivery. I like her but I  think she might be too weird for America. 

Lee Jean - "Make it Rain" by Ed Sheeran. I'm tired of hearing this kid do Ed Sheeran songs. He really needs to stretch, but maybe he can't. Keith liked it but thought he seemed nervous. I think he'll be safe anyway because he's such a cutie. 

Sonika Vaid - "I Surrender" by Celine Dion. Sonika is very capable and pretty, but she still leaves me a bit unmoved. This is a daunting song choice, so she gets points for that. J Lo said she got goosies on her face for the first time, prompting me to wonder if maybe her braids were too tight.  

Jeneve Rose Mitchell - "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. This was very dramatic and also a bit creepy. There is something about her intensity that I enjoy but I think might be too weird for America. Keith said she needs to let go more. Unleash the Jeneve! Harry said not everyone will get it but she is special.

MacKenzie Bourg - "Roses." He sang his own song, just as he did during Hollywood Week. And it's a sweet and catchy tune. Sometimes he looks kind of lobotomized when he sings, with his eyes practically rolling back in his head. He's soulful and raspy. Keith thinks its a great song. I can't see this guy not making it to the Top Ten. He has over 100k Twitter followers, just like Dalton. None of the others have more than 15k. 

Predictions - I think the six who will make the Top Ten will be MacKenzie, Avalon, Gianna, Lee, Tristan, and Thomas.   But if it was up to me, I'd pick MacKenzie, Jeneve, Jenn, Avalon, Sonika, and Gianna.  

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