Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Celebrity Fat Club 3

Speaking for myself, I am very excited about the premiere of Celebrity Fit Club 3 – the only reality show I think I’ve ever looked forward to in my life. I was in Vegas for New Years so I tivo’d the first episode. Look for a full review this weekend. The following questions will be answered:

1. Why in the hell has CFC lasted 3 seasons?
2. Is Chastity exploiting the fame of her famous parents or does she honestly need televised reality intervention?
3. Will the person responsible for dressing up Chastity like Cher (photo above) please stand up and will this be covered in therapy sessions with psychologist Linda Papadopoulos?
4. Question #3 makes me wonder, was Snufalufagus ever on the Sonny & Cher Show?

5. Are we tired of loose cannon cast members strategically hired to blow fuses?
6. Which rapper has the right stuff?
7. Why didn’t Bill Cosby teach Tempestt Bledsoe how to spell her name correctly?
8. Do we hate Kelly LeBrock because she’s beautiful or because she gained weight to squeeze into a spot on this third-rate show?
9. Bruce Vilanch – kooky comedy writer or lazy fart?
10. If Biggie and Tupac can manage a career after death, could Bruce Vilanch?
11. Can someone pass me the cheesy poofs?

Visit us soon for the answers to these and all your burning questions about Celebrity Fat. In the meantime, check this out - does Snufalufagus need a diet, too?

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