Monday, May 08, 2006

Albino Dog Urges Boycott of The Da Vinci Code

As many of you know, I am a
pigment-challenged pooch, and I am writing to implore you not to see The Da Vinci Code. If the fact that Ron Howard directed it and the likelihood of your having to endure a a cameo performance by Clint "The Ice Cream Man" Howard weren't reasons enough to stay away, there is also the presence of Tom Hanks with a very unflattering haircut. If the Catholic Church would acknowledge I had a soul, I would urge boycotting based on the film's negative portrayal of Catholics. But the real reason I don't want you to see the movie is that it features a villainous albino monk and thus furthers the stereotype of "The Evil Albino". My fellow albinos and I are fed up with all these negative images of albinos in the movies., thus we are organizing a Dan Brown Boycott. Powder is not enough. I would recommend you view The Albino Code as an alternative. And pray for Clint Howard!

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