Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Idol - Nasally Night


Phil Stacey - "Where the Blacktop Ends"

Coolia: Here was Phil's chance to wear a cowboy hat, and he passed it up. I didn't think he showed much energy, but it was a good song for his voice and he delivered a solid vocal. Still, I was surprised by the praise he raked in.
He sounded good, but seemed really stiff. He lacks "life" (poor guy). I liked his audience interaction, that helped. Vocally, a good performance, overall package deal...was missing parts.
Nerdia: Moderately better than usual but I always want to turn the channel or start reading when he's on TV.

Jordin Sparks - "A Broken Wing"

Coolia: Bold Jordan sings one of Martina's song. I predicted she would be the best of the night, and I think she was. She delivered a solid vocal and conveyed the meaning of the song. Big praise from Simon who says he can finally picture her winning. Unfortunately, she appeared to be draped in a shower curtain.
WOW!!!! Just wow. I almost cried. She made it seem effortless. She looked amazing and sounded incredible. I can't say enough about her after tonight's performance. Took my breath away. I would buy a CD she made right now.
Nerdia: I think this was Jordan's best night. I really felt the passion in her voice and the joy that she was really nailing it at the end.

Sanjaya Malakar - "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About"

Coolia: Kudos to Sanjaya for picking a humorously appropriate song with a title that really suited him. But the praise stops there. It was a dreadful vocal. He was as flat as pre-implant Kellie Pickler.
I don't even like to hear him talk much less sing. He looked like a little boy who got into his big brother's closet. He was boring and sounded bad.
Nerdia: I believe Sanjaya jumped the shark this week. That was just baaad. His worst and he looked so confident during the whole wretched thing which ruined it for me. I think I might have to get off the Sanjaya train here and not just because I got scolded for liking him by Simon. America can do what we want, Simon. Piss off! Sanjaya sings like he's a little....errr....slow.

Lakisha Jones - "Jesus Take the Wheel"

Coolia: I actually thought she did a good job on this song and gave it more oomph than Carrie could. I could feel emotion in her performance. She was also the only contestant to try to dress a little country while still putting forth her own style (gold boots!). But the judges ripped her a new one, and I think she may go home.
Ouch. She wasn't even close to being as good with that song as Carrie Underwood was. Eeks, I was uncomfortable listening. It seemed forced and just sounded weird to me. Bad song choice. Her
dress was pretty (I guess I should have started with that huh?).
Nerdia: I don't think it was a bad song choice at all; but I do think she shouted through it as the judges said. This competition was hers to lose. And she lost it for herself. Not just with this performance either. I mean I'm not Carrie Underwood fan but her version was better.

Chris Richardson - "Mayberry"

Coolia: I thought this was a fun song, and I think Chris has a good voice for country and did a nice job with his vocal inflections. It was a little boring. He loses points for his inane sassing back to Simon: "Nasally is a form of singing." Expect this on future SAT tests - Nasally: Singing as Ponyhawk: Hairstyle.
I don't know the song. Makes this one more interesting, can he make me like it? I'm not sure how I feel. He's so cute (uh oh). Nope, didn't like it. He sounds exactly the same on all his songs, no matter what the genre. Bad song choice and seemed like a vocal struggle for him.
Nerdia: I thought this song was a mess...all over the place. Then Chris got pissy with Simon (his tone more than his words, which were ridiculous). And THEN in the middle of the arguement he threw that shout out to Virginia Tech victims! That left a really bad taste in my mouth. It was like he used that to bail out of the pissing match he started. My boyfriend and I looked at each other like WTF?

Melinda Doolittle - "Trouble is a Woman"

Coolia: The usual spirited delivery from Melinda, and I liked the song choice. She seemed to be having fun up there. Kudos to Simon for calling her on her fake surprise face.
Goodness...is she still "shy"? Okay I think I've figured out my fascination with Melinda....I think her body is actually too small for her head and her breasts...that's all I saw when she was singing. Sounded really good (of course). Sorry to all the fans, I really am totally over her. I was gonna make an age-related comment, but I don't think I'd really be into her if she were younger either. Loved Simon's comments about her giving up her "surprise" when he gives his positive feedback....perfect.
Nerdia: Thank you Simon for calling out Gomer Pyle! I actually thought Melinda looked younger this week with the hair extensions. She still has an old brow. She stood out in the crowd tonight for not sucking, though.

Blake Lewis - "When the Stars Go Blue"

Coolia: Blake just has a really warm voice, in my opinion. I could listen to him sing the phonebook. Nice job hitting the high notes, too.
Is he missing a top lip? (what IS my fascination with body parts??). His outfit sucked. I thought he sounded shakey on alot of parts and had a real problem with the transitions. Nice song but now
really just want to hear Tim sing it. I expected more out of him.
Nerdia: Loved it, loved it. Another Morrissey-esque perfromance and a greeeaat song.

Guest Judge - Martina McBride

Coolia: Martina was okay, nothing special but not annoying.
Deb: Martina McBride was nice and probably gave some helpful advice. She seemed genuinely nice and to really like some of the singers.
Nerdia: Didn't add much, IMHO.


Coolia: Chris goes home, with Lakisha and Sanjaya in the Bottom 3.
Nerdia: Lakisha goes home, with Chris and Sanjaya in the bottom 3.

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