Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rock Star Supernova: Meet the Rockers

General Comments

Terry: First, this year's edition disappointingly began very different than last season's. Last season, we first met each person as they arrived to live in the "house" (a sweet mansion) together. We got to learn background stories and see them interact with each other. THEN, they performed. I liked that because we were able to get to know them (or, the character they were choosing to play) and it made our backing more personalized. This time they just jumped right in. And, there was absolutely no mention of an goings on while living together so that aspect very well may have been removed. I hope not. That would take away an important dynamic.

Coolia: That would have been much better. Nerdia and I were disappointed they didn’t even explain the process that got them to this stage of the competition. I thought Jason Newstead was too serious for something like this. Last I heard, he was playing with Voivod. I’m glad you took notes on who sang what, Terry, because I couldn’t keep all those bright-steaky-haired kids straight without a scorecard.


Storm Large - The Who's "Pinball Wizard"

Terry: Okay vocals but lacked the real emotion of the original. Good karaoke cover verging on very good karaoke cover.

Coolia: I thought she was good. It was a brave song choice. But I agree, she didnt really stand out. I think they could slutify her more and she might match this band better.

Ryan Star - The Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris"

Terry: Interestingly, he has the same name as the female Idol version but with only one "r" instead of two. he added some extra angst than found in the original and I dug it. Raw and very very good. POTENTIALLY the best of the bunch.

Coolia: This didn't really work for me. I had trouble getting over his name for the reason Terry mentioned. And I didnt think it was a very metal song choice or that he brought anything new to it.

Toby Rand - Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

Terry: Nice version with very good to excellent voice but I did not feel/hear the genuine pain. Nice cover but just didn't convey enough emotion to truly be stellar.

Coolia: Toby is the hottie of the show. Love the aussie accent, plus he can sing.

Partice Rike - Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody To Love"

Terry: Very, very good cover but that was the problem. There was nothing new added to it. She did not make it her own in any way.

Coolia: Bland.

Magni - Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction"

Terry: A so-so "singer" with good throaty power growling thing. Seemed a bit nervous and perhaps a bit unsure of himself and the song (which wasn't a good choice for him). He'd better improve overall or he won't last long.

Coolia: He did nothing for me, and I don't think he matches the band. Plus his name makes him sound like a japanimation character or a member of A-Ha. But then, there are a lot of silly names on this show.

Zayra Alvarez - Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life"

Terry: Wow!! Stage presence, strong vocals and really showed and expressed that she feels it! Not 100% perfect but damn near and extremely good The best of the first 6 by far.

Coolia: I thought this was too much a carbon copy of Evanescence. Yes, she's got the vocal power, but one Evanescence is evanescent enough for me.

Jenny Galt - Nickeback's "How You Remind Me"

Terry: Her voice did NOT fit the power and emotion required for this song. This was by far the worst of the first 7. She'd better hope that someone (or more) of the remaining 8 find some way to do worst...and that may be a bit difficult for them.

Coolia: I liked that she could play the guitar but I was distracted by her messy hair. Those studio lights just show every stray hair. She looked like she needed a good brushing.

Josh Logan - Black Crows' "She Talks To Angels"

Terry: Very good voice with his own stamp on the song. Not a big fan of this song but this was a pretty good take on it.

Coolia: He's too clean cut and boy-band-ish. He'd be the one saying "Ok guys, I don't think the Hilton family would appreciate it very much if you glued the hotel room furniture to the ceiling, do you???"

Matt Hoffer - Coldplay's "Yellow"

Terry: Very good vocals and another one who put his own stamp on an original. I think I liked this version better than the original.

Coolia: He looked like a Bay City Roller - too meek and mild for this motley crew. Inappropriate song choice.

Dilana - Nirvana's "Lithium"

Terry: Very throaty, very raspy (she must smoke 10 packs a day!) but somehow very melodic (very much unlike our beloved Bucky). She absolutely OWNED it! She kicked ass and took NO names. Keep your eyes on this one.

Coolia: Agreed - my favorite by a mile. They should end the show and just give her the gig now. She looked on the verge of madness, and her mugging was almost on an Ozzy level of high drama. Great stage presence and strong, unique voice. Plus she's got spikes sticking every which way out of her face. I don't know if these guys really want a chick singer, but if they do, she's gotta be the one.

Dana Andrews - Melissa Etheridge's "I'm The Only One"

Terry: Poor to below average low range but pretty good power range - uneven but good overall. She must improve those low range performances or she won't last long either.

Coolia: Also boring, and a song we are so sick of hearing on Idol. Why didn't any of these girls do "Kiss Me Deadly"?

Phil Ritchie - Living Color's "Cult of Personality"

Terry: Weak voice (for this song), weak stage presence and bad bad bad song choice (for his voice). Jenny Galt's savior!

Coolia: Made me long for Corey Glover and his neon bike shorts.

Jill Gioia - Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart"

Terry: A very good cover but with a slight bit of ownership...but NO cover of this song will EVER top Melissa Etheridge's live performance of this song on one of those awards shows (Grammy's?) when she came back from cancer. Melissa TRULY owned it that night!!

Coolia: She's got the looks for the band and solid vocals. But she's no Dilana.

Chris Pierson - Police "Roxanne"

Terry: Definitely put his own stamp on the song but that didn't save this performance. He did not project the sincerity and pain. It just lacked the emotional resonance that is this song. This was okay at best. Magni and Phil Ritchie are now thanking him for his company and possibly saving them.

Coolia: He got the toughest comments from the judges and he probably deserved them. Again, not a great song choice. Didn't these kids listen to Simon - it's all about song choice!

Lukas Rossi - Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell"

Terry: Angst in over-drive! A powerful and captivating performance and made the song his own, but at some point (and this must be sooner than later) must show that he can actually sing.

Coolia: This street urchin was my second favorite to Dilana. Very strange looking and creepy, but compelling performance.


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