Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 4


Lukas Rossi - Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony"

Coolia: Sludgy and muddled vocal, but a nice hard finish to the song. He still has great style and presence - even if he looked more new wave than metal last night.
Terry: There is NO way his voice will/would hold up on an actual tour. Too much Billy Idol (sneer and all) with too much growl and not enough melodic anything in there. For one that I consider(ed) one of the favorites, it was disappointing.

Zayra Alvarez - Blondie's "Call Me"

Coolia: Wow, the PVC spacesuit sure got everyone's attention - something had to, and it wasn't going to be her sloppy vocal. She's the Bai Ling of this show. I was surprised the guys didnt gush more about her outfit.
Terry: Good Lord she is so HOT!! But, still way too Bjork and just doesn't fit this band at all. Very much in danger of going home this week (and most certainly will not last much longer if she somehow slides through again....bummer, no more great ass shots...sigh! Zayra butt we hardly knew ya).

Dana Andrews - Nirvana's "About a Girl"

Coolia: Her fuzzy hair didn't help her plain looks. I thought she was imitating Dilana, but her intensity seemed fake and forced. Still, she did have a solid vocal with a strong finish.
Terry: Much improved. Seemed a bit fake (forced intensity), but her best performance yet by far.

Patrice Pike - The Black Crowes' "Remedy"

Coolia: This was pretty boring, although the chorus had some oomph to it. She had a good vibe but nothing special.
Terry: Once again her vocals were over powered by the song/music. Not bad but not very good. Zayra must have been clapping in her head as she now has competition for who's going home this week.

Toby Rand - Billy Idol's "White Wedding"

Coolia: Toby looks hot and he has great energy. I liked his take on this song, and I still think he meshes the best with the other guys. A lead singer needs sex appeal and he's got it more than the other dudes.
Terry: A very good (but not great) cover. Began a bit weak but then turned it up. Nothing all that original but improved his stage presence.

Magni - David Bowie's "Heroes"

Coolia: This performance had a slow start, then improved, but in the end was nothing to write home to Iceland about. I think Tommy was right – he should have roamed the stage instead of standing behind his guitar (although it's nice to see that he can play).
Terry: Good but unoriginal. Just another rehash. And, he lacked stage presence. Nothing all that interesting in this quite frankly.

Ryan Star - Live's "I Alone"

Coolia: I was surprised he got so much praise. This was just basic karaoke to me and not nearly as good as a Chris Daughtry Live cover. He did have good energy and movement on stage.
Terry: Another very good cover with nothing new or fresh. And, perhaps a bit too manic (even though that fits the song to some degree). However, this may still have been his best performance yet (in terms of fitting with this band).

Jill Gioia - The Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar"

Coolia: This was a shouty and annoying performance. It was refreshing to hear Gilby tell her not to grind - I doubt Tommy would have agreed. I found myself watching Gilby and not Jill during the performance. She was like an annoying fly buzzing around him.
Terry: Good vocals, good stage presence. Again, nothing new but very good...yes, very good but still somehow uninteresting. I'm conflicted.

Phil Ritchie - The Wallflowers' "One Headlight"

Coolia: I thought his outfit was odd - looked like dress pants with a t-shirt. He mugs too much and like Jason said, he looks like a bobblehead with all that head movement.
Terry: A good INXS take on the song (did he forget which season/band he is auditioning for?). No where near raw and dirty enough for this band.

Dilana - Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time"

Coolia: I was struck by Brooke's comment: "what will Dilana possibly do with this pop classic?" It shows that the producers realize that Dilana is the only contestant so far to emerge with such a style and presence that we can ponder over a commercial break what her performance might be like. She pulled this song off with a lot of style and another strong vocal. It was nice to see her do something quieter and show the softer side of her pin-cushion self.
Terry: Whereas Zayra just oozes sex-appeal in a hot and sultry way, this crazy chick just oozed sex-appeal in a hot and dangerous way (I doubt there's anything she wouldn't or hasn't tried). This was her toned down psycho performance. Stripped down and it worked. She knew it was time to show another side and change things up a bit. This psycho chick is brilliant. Without question THE front runner at this point (sorry Lukas....she's leaving you in her psycho dust).

Josh Logan - Blind Melon's "No Rain"

Coolia: This was another inappropriate song choice for lightweight boy, and he didn't do anything special to make it harder. I think if he's going to survive tonight he's going to have to scream his way through a Pantera song.
Terry: Good vocals and the song fit his voice, but way too tame for this band. Too milk-toast. Too bland.

Storm Large - Dramarama's "Anything, Anything"

Coolia: I love this song, and I love what Storm did with it. She really owned the stage and rocked out. The stage dive was a gusty finale. I think this was the best performance of the night.
Terry: Damn she was hot tonight. I'd like to order a Zayra, Dilana and Storm sandwich, please. This was her best yet. She rocked it out! Question: Was she going commando? The way she grabbed her skirt to keep it from flying up makes me wonder (and dare to dream!).


Coolia: Bottom 3 - Phil, Josh, and Patrice, with Josh going home
Terry: Bottom 3 – Zayra, Patrice, and Josh, with Patrice going home

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