Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 2

Magni - The Who's "My Generation"

Coolia: Sexy and confident version. I think the sunglasses were a mistake.
Some blame sunglasses for Chris Daughtry's premature ejection on Idol, and I do think they contributed to it.
Terry: Sorry, but once again not impressed. Not at all.
Julia: Magni has a sound I like...probably since he's not too hard core. Does look a bit too metrosexual to be in a group with Tommy.

Jenny Galt - Soft Cell's "Tainted Love"

Coolia: Too quiet, but she did come up with a creative arrangement.
Terry: Oh so sexy. Much better than last week, but still not good enough. I have some trouble seeing her with this band. Don't think she'll go very far...unless they want to keep looking at her
Jenny is a complete beauty queen reject and is trying to lash out against her former "beauty queen" friends. Yet she's still too soft for this competition. I think she might get through cuz the band members all want know.

Jill Gioia - Hole's "Violet"

Coolia: I liked the trashy wedding dress. She screams pretty well but she didn’t inject the screaming with true desperation and passion the way Courtney did. It wasn't raw enough and seemed contrived.
Terry: Too much screaming without enough singing. Needs work, but with
a different band.
Julia: What can I say? I didn't like the HOLE version either. Where is the line between acting and rock?!?!

Zayra Alvarez - The Kinks' "You Really Got Me"

Coolia: She has a nice tone and a unique style and phrasing, even if it's more alternative than metal. I'm not sure insulting the judges is the way to get through to the next round, and it sure doesn't show she's taking this seriously when she reveals she's "heard of" the band members' music but not "heard" it.
Terry: Good stage presence but the vocals were surprisingly weak.
I don't see her with this band at all.
Julia: Zayra sounds like she's singing with a clothespin on her nose. I wanted to tell her to breathe!

Chris Pierson - Frank Ferdinand's "Take Me Out"

Coolia: He could have done a harder version and changed it up a bit. He sounded flat in spots, and overall unimpressive.
Terry: Better than last week by a mile but still weak. I don't think he fits this band either.
Julia: Dude, the eyeliner's gotta go. When I was looking at him, I just snickered. Just listening to him isn't bad. He's not too obnoxious.

Dilana - Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"

Coolia: This chick is so creepy and weird. I love her! She's definitely got a unique thing going on, kinda "Janis Joplin Meets Diamanda Galas". The girl sounds like she's been smoking Camels since she was in the cradle, but the throatiness works for her.
Terry: - Oh, I love this psycho chick! Tonight she was part vampire and part satanic priestess. Hide the children. I think she may actually give Tommy Lee a run for his mommy in wanton excess! Brilliant take/update on this song. Absolutely commanding and captivating stage presence but, quite honestly, I'm not that impressed with her vocals. But, she absolutely fits this band to a tee!
Julia: Dilana is a complete freak, but I think she's a good actress. Not sure if the other freaks will want to vie for freakiness...

Josh Logan - Creed's "With Arms Wide Open"

Coolia: He's got a nice voice but he's just too clean cut. When he tries to growl, it seems like he's trying to be something he's not. He's lighter than Creed and Creed is pretty light. A Backstreet Boy can't fit in with the Down Boys.
Terry: Began off and appeared lost and uncomforable (following Dilana, who wouodn't). This was too average for someone with such a good voice. Disappointing
While he's not annoying to me, I think he would be to Tommy and his thugs. I think they might do bad things to him.

Phil Ritchie - Tonic's "If You Could Only See"

Coolia: His style is kind of bland but I do like his voice. I actually prefer this version to the original, but that's not saying all that much.
Terry: Good clean vocals...which means not nearly raw enough for this band. Also lacks stage presence
OMG, what a whiner. Blech... and the head bobbing...Sorry, I can't get over those things.

Storm Large - Cheap Trick's "Surrender"

Coolia: Her name bothers me a lot, but I couldn't help but enjoy her performance of one of my favorite songs. She really rocked it out and had a great command of the stage. At one point the background singer kind of drowned her out, but still, great job overall.
Terry: Voice not powerful enough to pull off the rendition she was attempting, and ended up being/soudning too Vegas-ey showtune type of thing.
Julia: maybe Disney. I can just see the cover of the album if she made it....her surprised expression with the boys flashing her. thank you.

Patrice Pike - Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box"

Coolia: I don't see any spark in her - very ordinary rendition.
Terry: Voice was completely over powered by the music (which was so not the case with Kurt Cobain) and she just go lost in there. She won't go far.
Julia: I actually like her. Looks like Sheryl Crow, but sounds like she's straight from a trailer park in a suburb of Seattle.

Lukas Rossi - Coldplay's "Don't Panic"

Coolia: Wow, a Coldplay song that didn't put me sleep! I do like Lukas. He's kinda freaky looking, but his voice has real power and he's got presence.
Terry: Part of me is rooting for him because he's talented, confident and seems to fit a band like this. But, part of me is rooting against him because he's so confident that he's arrogant and he seems to be a bit of an ass...but, then that just makes him even more right for this band of asses.
Julia: Blended in the background to me....forgettable.

Ryan Star - The Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash"

Coolia: Hey, Ryan, we can hear you, you don't have to yell. it was a one-note performance and uninspired. I agree with Tommy - "Mick's a showboat, so show me some boat, bitch."
Terry: I love this guy's voice, so this was terribly disappointing. Song choice, song choice, song choice, people! And, do something new/fresh with the darn thing. Very disappointing.
Julia: I liked that he interacted with the crowd....but sounds like a screamer

Dana Andrews - Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild"

Coolia: Her look evoked Drew Barrymore in "Firestarter". The girl has some pipes, but she seems like a little girl playing dress up and not very comfortable in slut-wear.
Terry: Not impressed. A bland performance of a hard hitting commanding song. Does not fit this band. She's too porcelain.
Julia: Great voice....but so does not have the skank factor. She needs to hang out with Storm. She could teach her a few "tricks" to succeed in the rock biz.

Toby Rand - The Killers' "Somebody Told Me"

Coolia: Toby is the hottest guy in the competition, in my opinion. Plus he's got great energy and he rocked this song pretty hard. I think he'll go a long way.
Terry: Took a whiny 80's sounding modern song/hit and made it tough and
more modern. You have to respect and admire a guy who can improve on an
Julia: He screams, but I guess that's just rock. hmm....I think he was trying not to grab his crotch. Seemed a bit weird.

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