Thursday, August 10, 2006

Look What Just Washed Up on Laguna Beach

It seems we've been waiting, like, forever...but Laguna Beach's 2nd Season DVD was released on Tuesday. The DVD will give you a chance to relive all the drama with Kristin, Jessica and the gang, and a chance to ponder why those not particularly handsome and mostly mute guys are worth fighting over (oh yeah...they're rich! but then, so are the girls!). We'll have a full review of the DVD on Ape Culture soon, after we get a chance to check out all the extras like the childhood photos (although we kinda got enough of those in the Life Inside the Bubble book about the cast), audition tapes, and deleted scenes. Note to high schoolers - reviewing all this footage is an excellent way to cram for the debut of Season 3 coming next Wednesday, August 16 at 10:00 PM PT/ET. Yes, the new season will have an all-new cast, but you know there will be some visits from the ghosts of Laguna past (Steven always did look a little pale to me).

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