Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 7


Coolia: That vegas suite was amazing - a bowling alley?? I wish they had showed us more of the debauchery. I guess nobody hooked up.


Zayra Alvarez - Original song - "Lluvia de Mar"

Coolia: I thought this was a pretty song. Her delivery was passionate, and she had a cool skirt and seemed less insane than usual. However, the song wasn't appropriate for the band at all. Like the guys, I was shocked that the singers weren't fighting over the chance to sing an original.
Terry: I applaud her for fighting for the "original". And, this was the FIRST and ONLY time that her performance did not remind me of Bjork. She sounded beautiful. However, I thought she looked terrible (which I didn't realize was possible) and, as always, she...just....does...NOT....fit....this....band!!

Magni - David Bowie's "Starman"

Coolia: I missed most of this because I was heating up my dinner. I liked his suit and thought it was a good vocal, what I heard anyway.
Boring and too show tooney for my tastes. Good vocals but not enough originality.

Patrice Pike - The Police's "Message in a Bottle"

Coolia: Her vocal was okay but flat at times. She di
dn't bring anything new to the song. Plain, unoriginal, far too safe. I think she bought her plane ticket home.
Is is just me or does she look like a crazed Skeletor at times? I don't know but something about her would scare me if I was left alone in a with her. Her performance gave us nothing new and she did way too much smiling for such a somber song. This did not work for me at all. Lacked originalty, intensity and just stunk up the place.room

Lukas Rossi - Chad Kroeger's "Hero"

Coolia: I do love this song, and I love what Lukas did with it. He has such a distinctive vocal style and so much confidence. Awesome.
I liked his arrangement. I could definitley see/hear him with this band. An encore contender. However, I agree with Tommy. I did not like the sitting down thing for him and this song.

Storm Large - Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

Coolia: At first, I was afraid. Then, I was laughing. This was really, really bad. I'm disappointed in Storm, but I blame the song choice more than her. She seemed like she was doing Cake's version of the song, bu
t she didnt add anything to it. She didn't rock it out at all and she didn't have any real feeling or desperation behind her vocal. I'll give her credit for a nice save for saying "I like spankings" after the guys criticized her.
Terry: What happened, babe? Can't handle partying with the big boys!? This was by far her worst performance. Vocals, arrangement and stage presence all just not good. Not good at all. First time I have even considered her a possible bottom 3 contender.

Toby Rand - Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" with Gilby Clarke

Coolia: I love this song, but I wasn't blown away by Toby's version. Of course, I love that he ran around naked to get the song - that definitely shows he wants to win, plus there's no other contestant I'd want to see naked. Tommy is right - "Nice Ass!" I liked that he played the bongos, but he could have interacted with Gilby a bit and showed a bit more confidence. A good vocal, but not great.
I disagree with the band completely. I thought his voice was WAY too high and his arrangement was just a lame kareoke cover and lacked any angst. Paled, paled, PALED by comparison to the original. I liked the bongos, but that was the only thing I liked about this.

Ryan Star - Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight"

Coolia: This was definitely a strong vocal but it seemed very stagey and fake intense to me, kinda Broadway. He was forcing the intensity the way Dana used to. This is not in the same league as Nonpoint's remake of this song (on the Miami Vice movie soundtrack). Plus the way they shot him with the white light over his head and he's in the black outfit gave me flashbacks to Idol and Pickler doing Bohemian Rhapsody and that just took me out of the moment.
I prefer the original but I dug his take. At least he imbued the darkness that embodies the song. Good verging on very good. A possible encore contender.

Dilana - Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle"

Coolia: I still love Dilana but this was just aiight for me. I have to say I was put off by the fact that she didn't bother to switch genders in the lyrics and kept referring to herself as "dad". She's always compelling, but I wasn't blown away.
Again, I still prefer the original but she did great and did the song justice. Her voice fit the pain in the song. Very, very, very good!! This chick rocks. Should be the front runner for this banc by far at this stage of the game. She is the ONLY one who has stepped it up each and every single week.


Coolia: Bottom 3: Storm, Patrice, Zayra
/ Going home: Patrice (the mediocrity has to end) / Encore: Ryan
Terry: Bottom 3: Patrice, Zayra, Toby / Going home: Patrice
(Zayra SO does not fit this band but at least she consistantly sings well and is interesting; whereas, Patrice consistantly stinks up the
place....long past due for Patrice to go home
/ Encore: Dilana (although, I would not be surprised if either Lukas or Ryan gets it...but Dilana deserves it most of all!)

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