Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 5


Patrice Pike - Red Hot Chili Peppers’ "Higher Ground" (w/ Tommy on drums)

Terry: Sorry, but not impressed. And, she looked like a Rooster having a bad hair day. Foghorn Leghorn is one horny cock for this chick.
Julia: I will have to agree with the judges on this one....she did ok, but got lost in the band. I think she was star struck.
Coolia: Makeshift mohawks are always a mistake on these shows. Remember Nadia from Idol? She got herself voted off with one. Patrice gave a good vocal and had a lot of energy, but she didn’t have as much energy as Tommy.

Josh Logan – Sublime’s "Santeria"

Terry: (oh my...look at all the white people in the audience with absolutely no rhythm....I'm SO embarrassed!) Nice relaxed melodic the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, "Boring."
Julia: Looked like a dorky white rapper. I think it was ok....but not rock enough.
Coolia: This was a solid vocal performance, but he just grates on my nerves. Can you picture this guy on a tour bus with Jason, Gilby and Tommy? They’d be giving him wedgies.

Dilana - Bad Company’s "Can't Get Enough"

Terry: Not the best vocalist but Good Lord, she is captivating. Not brilliant but very entertaining. She killed it.
Julia: Still scares me, but I'm starting to really like her. She really gave a great performance, and she seems really comfortable on stage. Her voice is VERY memorable. Plus, I really think anyone who has the guts to wear pants that Dave Navarro thinks are his own....deserves to go far in this competition.
Coolia: She’s always compelling. Dilana, baby, you’re a star.

Toby Rand – Nirvana’s "Pennyroyal Tea"

Terry: Decent. But, it's pretty hard to follow Dilana.
Julia: I think he did ok. I think his voice is ok...he interacted well with the audience. It was just "ehh" for me.
Coolia: I thought he connected with the lyrics and the audience, even if his vocal wasn’t spectacular. I loved that he went into the crowd and picked a BBW girl to hug. I hope she wasn’t a “Make a Wish” kid or something, and he just picked because he felt like it.

Zayra Alvarez - Tommy Tutone’s "867-5309/Jenny"

Terry: As always TOO Bjork...and this time she even added some lame Blondie AND she wasn't even sexy or hot....she looked like a bad acid trip come to spastic life. I say it week after week after week. This chick does NOT fit this band. No how, no way!!
Julia: Zayra...or should I say Zorro! Oh lord, she looked like she walked straight off Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood at Halloween. Her singing was horrible, performance was horrible, but yet it was all very entertaining. I couldn't stop watching!
Coolia: Tommy Tutone needn’t worry. She’s like a bad car crash – painful to look at but you can’t stop looking.

Magni – Coldplay’s "Clocks"

Terry: Good cover, but as so/too often with these people, there was nothing new and so it was just a good cover. Although, he gets major props for the whole emotional moments over missing his family thing. Kudos, brother!
Julia: Come on, these are supposed to be rockers. Cut the crap ....right? We shouldn't see their families....rock stars don't have families, right?!?!?!? I must say, not bad. Good voice, good delievery, I could listen to him. Plus when he talks he reminds me of Bjork.
Coolia: I didn’t get the praise he received. It just seemed like karaoke to me. I thought they should send him home to his family instead of sending his family to LA.

Jill Gioia - Simple Minds’ "Don't You Forget About Me"

Terry: Rocked up version but too manic and not enough genuine originality injected. Oddly, although manic it was a bit boring....or perhaps "tedious" would be more appropriate. Missing all of the resonance of the original. Worst of the night by far.
Julia: I'm sticking with my initial "Barbie" comment about Jill, but I have a new name for her that maybe Mattel could market. Gyrating Jill the Screamer. Well, maybe if Mattel wants to expand into the porn industry. I thought her performance was fake....but her look might be enough for the male population to keep her here.
Coolia: I would say she’s more of a Bratz doll than Barbie. She’s trashy looking and shouts too much.

Ryan Star – REM’s "Losing My Religion"

Terry: Holy shit!! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!!!! Move over Dilana, this boy just threw down the gauntlet and you now have some MAJOR competition! Wow! Blew me away!! By FAR the best of the night!!
Julia: Kick ass performance, I really like his voice, I like the fact he's not just a voice... Since I like him, he'll probably be kicked off for being too "Elton John".
Coolia: I was really impressed too. I loved that he can play the piano and command the stage without a band, and he did make the song his own. But then there’s that dorky name of his.

Lukas Rossi - Hole " Celebrity Skin"

Terry: I like his "sound" but he sounds basically the same with every song/performance. And, tonight he seemed a bit shaken and uncertain (lack of confidence doesn't fit his "image”) and I can only assume that was due to having to follow Ryan's knock out performance.
Julia: : OMG, I couldn't look at him. I have never seen such expressive eyebrows in my life.....the only problem is his expressions don't match the music! Plus, I thought his singing style was pretty weak. It's like he was trying to catch up with the song the whole time.
Coolia: He reminds me a bit of a young Brando – it’s something about his eyes and his brooding expressions. But this was a weak and muddled performance, and his look isn’t changing much week to week and is more “Killers” than “Kill ‘Em All”

Storm Large - David Bowie’s "Changes"

Terry: Okay, but I did not dig the arrangement. Just okay. Tommy was once again covered in drool.
Julia: She's growing on me. I think she's growing on the judges too. I would much prefer to listen to her than any of the other women on the show....I liked the calm performance.
Coolia: She’s really come into her own these past two weeks. This was my favorite performance of the night. I really felt like she was feeling the lyrics – a thoughtful, confident performance.

Dana Andrews - The Who’s "Baba O'Reilly"

Terry: The fake intense "look" and faked intensity in her attempt to keep up with Dilana simply does not work for me. It's like watching a girl trying to sing while straining to poop.
Julia: So not scary enough for this show. I know she said she wants to be in the much she's going to get a tattoo. Hmmmm....I didnt' think her performance was that great and no matter how many tattoos she gets she still won't sound better.
Coolia: Agreed – the rebellion isn’t authentic. She’s too Edie Brickell for these new barbarians.


Terry: Bottom 3: Patrice, Jill, Dana (Zayra deserves to be here each and every week but I think the horndog teeny bobber boys keep voting for her to maintain the eye candy) and Jill going home
Julia: Bottom 3: Zayra, Lukas, Dana, with Zayra going home

Coolia: Bottom 3: Patrice, Jill, and Zayra, with Jill going home

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