Thursday, March 06, 2008

American Idol - Nerdia Rates 80s Week

Luke Suckhard
I agree with Simon enough to say it was girly. I would go farther in saying it was flaccid.

David Archuletta
Although he looks like he's 7 years old, I still like this guy. Well done.

Danny Noriea-gay
I guess I can agree with Randy that his vocals need a bit more oomph. But he is the charismatic leader in working the camera. I was told last weekend that it was the Cher in me that likes him. Fair enough.

David Hernan-hunk
I'm warming up to this guy!

Michael Johns
Randy, that wasn't INXS - it was a Simple Minds song, and a poorly chosen one in my book. It's hard to sound good singing that song unless you're Simple Minds.

David's Cooking
Bf's comment: he gave that Lionel Richie song some balls. Well said.

Jason Castro
Fabulous song choice but he's no Jeff Buckley. Craped out at end.

Boring, cliched, snooze-fest. As quoted from Reno 911 last night - this guy's an Encylopedia Bore-tanica, a The-snore-us.

Asia'h TooPeppyson
Yes, it's hard to do Whitney. Even she seems to be having trouble doing it of late.

Kady Mineral Alloy
I agree with Simon; she's dead inside. Well...he didn't put it that way. Cold as a stone.

Amanda Oversinger
The judges liked this but I thought she lost footing this week. Seemed very unsure of herself.

Carly Smithsonian Institute
I actually love this song. And when I played with my dog Franz instead of watching her sing it, I actually enjoyed it. Watching her I just get an old relic vibe.

Kristy Lee Simmer
This was baaaaad. Iconic Steve Perry was way too big for her.

Ramiele Malubad
She's been one of my favorites but she looked frumpy this week and her eyes looked blank; plus I hate how she keeps correcting Randy on how to pronounce her name. Don't go by a complicated name and get irritated when people can't get it. I still love how her voice soars high and then swiftly goes soft like at the end of "Against All Odds." That's awesome.

Brooke White Surpremecy
Sorry...but that's the vibe I get. Although I can't stand her; unusual arrangements like this will keep her in the game.

Syesaha Mercado
In a week overflowing with too many Whitney covers, hers was the best. Not awesome; but passable. Her hot looks should keep her in the game although many see her leaving today.

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