Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol - Terry's Take on the Top 8 Boys

  • Luke Menard - Zoinks! Me thinks I just heard his death squeal. Ugh. Pitchy and boring. Not one single nano-sliver of George Michael's charisma. He's a goner.
  • David Archuleta - Just another day in paradise for all of us. This kid is wicked awesome. Even when he has an "off" night he still manages to captivate and compel you to watch and be amazed. I love this kid. He's going to win. I don't see anyone keeping him from that.
  • Danny Noriega - Terrible song choice except that it let him let loose his inner queen and strut around like a peacock in heat. Hated the beginning, disliked the middle and still pretty bad at the end....vocally. Visually, rather entertaining. He could be in danger of not making it to the final 12.
  • David Hernandez - Good song choice and really good (but not great) vocal. He's improving each week with both his vocal and stage presence. I think his comfort and confidence levels are growing and it's showing up in his performances. I like watching a person (or people) grow like that. It's interesting to me.
  • Michael Johns - He's trying so desperately to channel some cross-breed of Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence. I still say that it may be completely natural (he blames his older sister) but it looks a bit fake/forced to me. This was his weakest by far, but still pretty good when compared to the other boy/men. But, I'm biased towards this song. So long as it's not butchered I'm going to love it. The Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies (and I still watch it numerous times every year) and the song is a favorite from one of my favorite soundtracks. That's hard to live up to. ("I want to be an Air Force Ranger....")
  • David Cook - Rocked out Lionel Richie? Really!? Who in the hell would have ever thought to do that!? Could such an odd thing work!? Hell yeah!!!!!!! This was one of the biggest surprises EVER on Idol. Caught me completely off-guard and totally worked in every way. I even forgot about his stupid hair!! This could and would easily be a hit single all over again. Brilliant!!
  • Jason Castro - First let me go on record and say that I am a straight man. But, I'm telling you, if I was a teenage girl or a gay guy I would have fallen in love with him after this. Loved it!! He can emote like crazy and it seems so real and passionate. Wow, I think my heart just skipped a beat. Hey, don't question me. I am straight...straight I tell you! Straight!! :-)
  • Chikezie Eze - Started bad, improved to end much improved (note the sarcasm) to a bit weak. But, did improve some along the way (more sarcasm). I can clearly remember making out with my girlfriend with the Luther Vandross version playing in the background. I wouldn't want this version playing in the would kill the mood.

Well, it's clear that Luke is going home. Of that I have no doubt. Now I have to decide between Danny and Chikezie. Hmmmm. I gots me some thinkin' to do (Jethro)

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