Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fierceness Works on Runway But Not on Idol

Sigh....Danny Noriega's Idol journey ended tonight, and, with it, a good deal of my enthusiasm for the show. I don't think Danny was the world's greatest singer, but he was quite entertaining. I think he has star quality, and, well, he's FIERCE. His exit performance of "Tainted Love" tonight reinforced that. Too bad he didn't perform it quite as confidently last night, although I still think he acquitted himself well enough to earn another week. Danny brought the "Wow, What Will He Do Next Week?" factor that Sanjaya brought last season, only he could actually sing.

I fear Danny was just too flaming for a large portion of the Idol viewership. He was definitely the most flamboyantly gay contestant in Idol history. It's sad to me that just being his fabulous self probably led to Danny's eviction. I hope he bounces right back with a role in some touring production of Rent and maybe a cover story in The Advocate!

Being flamboyant certainly didn't hurt Christian Siriano, the winner of Project Runway. Of course, the judges, not America votes for the winner on this show. But America did name Christian the fan favorite. I think most would agree the Runway audience is probably more open-minded than the Idol audience.

The Other Idol Exiles tonight...

  • Luke Menard - Everybody in my Idol pool picked Luke to go tonight. He was cute, but he just didn't really have the charisma to go farther. The "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" song choice was unrecoverable, and he had that cheesy glee club style of performing. So now Luke is singing "Back Home Again in Indiana"
  • Asia'h Epperson - Wow, I'm surprised to see Asia'h go. I think she lost points for picking a Whitney song, for having to sing first, and for wearing not the most flattering of outfits. I think people may have forgotten her dramatic storyline - auditioning just after her father died in a car wreck. She was perky and had a good voice, but not a big enough voice for the songs she attempted (Celine last week, Whitney this week).
  • Kady Malloy - Kady's funeral dirge rendition of "Who Wants To Live Forever" didn't win her any new fans. As Simon pointed out, she could never radiate the fun and spiritedness live that she did in her video packages. I hope she gets a show in Vegas doing all her vocal impressions.
Stay fierce, Danny! You gave us all a boy could give.

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