Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Acrostic Movie Review - The Bucket List

Cantankerous tycoon (Jack Nicholson) meets
Reserved everyman (Morgan Freeman) during
One hospital stay that
Seems improbably long in this age of HMOs.
Since both have cancer and only a short

Time left on Earth, they bond, engage in non-
Hilarious banter and set off to fulfill all the dreams they've
Imagined on a world tour that would make The Rolling
Stones dizzy. Speaking of The Stones,

One can't really say who looks worse these days -
Nicholson or Keith Richards. As a die-hard Jack fan,
Even I don't find him sexy anymore, especially when he's

Overacting and just doing a retread on performances from better
Films like As Good As It Gets and Something's Gotta Give.
Freeman is a little better, but I found myself

Yearning for more solid material for these
Oscar-winners to chew on.
Unfortunately, this script is
Riddled with cliches and has fewer true laugh

Lines than Nicholson's face. Director Rob Reiner
Is still able to manipulate the audience with sentimentality.
Seniors in the crowd laughed more than I did, and I cried a bit
Toward the end, I'll admit - maybe from disappointment.

1 comment:

konberg said...

Nice that your review helps me sort
Out which movies to see, but I was confident I could

Decide from the title alone this film would be
Ultimately disappointing. Incidentally, acrostic movie reviews are
Harder than they look!