Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol - San Diego Auditions

We only had to endure one hour of bad auditions as opposed to two hours last week, perhaps because ratings were low. San Diego did not seem to be a real hotbed for talent, despite its proximity to Los Angeles - City of Beautiful Dreamers. 30 people made it to Hollywood, but we only got to meet 6.

I'd like to point out that Taylor Hicks is being completely marginalized by this show, as evidenced by the murals behind the judges and the contestants. Taylor is on the mural, but he's waaaay on the far right hand side, like to the far right of Simon, so that you almost never glimpse him unless there is some kind of altercation between a contestant and security or some groupie goes to hug Simon. We Soul Patrol members will still keep the faith, despite these obstacles!

The Good

  • Tetiana Ostapowych - Tetiana is an Eastern European sexpot who seems overly impressed with herself. She has an okay voice, but I'd agree with Simon's comment that she thinks she's better than she is. And she's going to need to change that name.
  • Perrie Cataldo - Perrie is a single dad and a widower - a new angle to tug at our heartstrings. He's good looking with a good soulful voice.
  • Michael Johns - Michael is a cute Aussie boy who I expected to be a rocker but instead belted an Otis Redding tune. Is America ready for Australian Soul?
  • Samantha Musa - I thought this was going to be a joke audition, since they set up Samantha and her sister as Simon groupies, but she actually has a really good voice and seems to have a good personality, too. Her sister got to critique her while sitting on Simon's lap - I'm telling ya, Simon is just too nice this season.
  • David Archuleta - David is recovering from vocal paralysis. Paula asked a lot of questions about this, probably hoping she can get it too so she can get more Oxycotin. He's only 16 but has a boy band appeal.
  • Carly Smithson - Evanescence-esque Carly made the cut for Hollywood in Season 5 but then got disqualified due to visa issues. Now she's back, with what appears to be an Amy Winehouse tattoo sleeve and a boyfriend who's tattooed from head to toe. Simon thought she sang better 2 years ago, but they all agreed she deserves another chance in Hollywood.

The Bad and the Ugly

  • Joseph and Juanita Reija - Joseph sang while wearing a poncho and sombrero, and Juanita accompanied him by miming.
  • Valerie Reyes - Valerie was a cute and bubbly Mariah Carey fan, however her range was not quite equal to Ms. Carey's. At least Randy refrained from mentioned he had produced Mariah while critiquing her.
  • Blake Boshnack - Blake has auditioned 11 times, most notably in Season 5 while dressed as the Statue of Liberty. He and his mom have a dream. Unfortunately, it's an impossible dream that involves them wasting money traveling around the country and then wasting days camping out in line.
  • Alberto Hurtado - This transgendered Chicano whispered his way through an original song called "Live" while stating he wanted to fly like the eagle on his shirt. I won't soon be able to get the image of his crazy long fingernails out of my head.


Anonymous said...

Good recap - straitforward.

Thanks for pointing out what AI is doing to Taylor. Seems unprofessional to me.

Anonymous said...

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