Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Idol - Miami Auditions

Apparently, the Dolphins aren't the only losers in Miami. Out of 10,000 who auditioned, only 17 people made it out of Miami. We met 9 of them.

The Good

  • Robbie Carrico - He's a former boy bander (from Boyz N Girls United, apparently) turned rocker. Dude dated Britney Spears. He can sing but he's definitely one of the ringers - it's not like Ryan found him driving a tractor or waiting tables.
  • Ghaleb Emanach - Ghaleb has a lot of energy and kissed everyone in sight after getting his golden ticket. Randy worried that his Venezuelan accent was too thick.
  • Corliss Smith and Brittany Wescott - These two big, lusty ladies could be the next Weather Girls. They both can sing, and Corliss has an especially interesting jazz vibe.
  • Suzanne Toon - She was in a "Fame" school before getting pregnant at 18 and taking a break to be a mom. Randy praised her sultry voice, and Simon thought she became more attractive when she sang.
  • Ramiele Malubay - Ramiele was a cute Filipino gal who wants to be the next Jasmine Trias, but not badly enough to wear a flower in her hair.
  • Syesha Mercado - She's really attractive and vibrant, and I love how she belted Aretha's tune. Plus, sob story alert! Her dad just graduated from rehab.
  • Natashia Black- Only glimpsed for a moment, she did a nice job with "At Last."
  • Ilsy Lorena Pinot - Her screen time was over by the time I wrote her name down.

The Bad and The Ugly

  • Shannon McGough - Shannon works in her parents' meat market and has a knack for belching. She screamed her way through a Janis Joplin tune, and the judges told her to stick to handling meat.
  • Richard Valles - He sang Rascal Flatts through his nose.
  • Julie Dublea - Julie is a showbiz vet, having made the Top 20 on American Juniors a few years ago, but the judges found her precocious. She asked for a definition, as if she were in a spelling bee. I couldn't get past her neon dress myself - blech.
  • Brandon Black - B. Black made a crazy sliding entrance while talking to himself - definitely one of the strangest auditions, and a waste of a white pimp suit.

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