Sunday, January 06, 2008

Edgar Reviews Celebrity Apprentice

Coolia has a thing for Gene Simmons, so she forced me to tune into the premiere episode of Celebrity Apprentice. I spent most of the time mesmerized by the strange hairstyles of Gene and Donald Trump. People often comment on my unusual hair and sometimes call it wiry, but how does one even begin to describe Gene's and Donald's 'dos?

We were introduced to the "celebrities" who included people like Tifany Fallon, Tito Ortiz, and Nely Galan. You are probably saying to yourself: "Edgar, you are a bigger celebrity than these people!" Well, you are correct. The "celebrities" were slagging Omarosa for being a fake celebrity but as a fellow reality tv star (you might recognize me from
Who Gets The Dog) I would wager to say she is more of a household name than softball gold medalist Jenny Finch. How many viewers even realize that softball is an Olympic sport?

The teams were divided - boys vs girls. Stephen Baldwin captained the boys and Omarosa captained the girls in their first challenge - run a hot dog cart. They had to pick their location and compete to earn the most money for charity. While Omarosa wanted to trade on sales skills, Taxi's Marilu Henner wisely suggested working celebrity contacts. Gene went the same route and called in some favors, and Ultimate Fighter Tito Ortiz brought his girlfriend Jenna Jameson to draw a crowd. I have to say I barely recognized Jenna - she has had more work done than Leona Helmsley's yorkie.

In the end, the boys made way more money than the girls, and playmate Tiffany Fallon was sent home for failing to ask Hugh Hefner for money. She said she had been saving Hugh for a future challenge. Meanwhile, nobody gave me a hot dog.

The preview for next week showed Donald yelling at Gene and calling him a bad dog. I may sulk in the bedroom like a bad dog myself if Coolia keeps watching this show.

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konberg said...

Edgar, it's good to see you writing again. Welcome back!