Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol - Thank God for the Girls

I think the Idol girls are making a strong case for Idol to rethink it's "gender neutral" Top 12 policy. I would really like to see the Top 12 balance be 8 girls and 4 boys this time, but unfortunately that's not gonna happen.

Jordin Sparks - "Heartbreaker"

Coolia: Jordin looked cute and gave a strong, energetic performance. She was sassy, and she likes football, so I give her points for that.
Terry - Pat Benetar did not fit her (nice voice but no angst or anger inher performance whatsoever). It wasn't terrible but it wasn't verygood....until that last note.

Nerdia - Jordin is no Pat Benetar but she has a good strong voice. I didn't love it but I respected it.

Sabrina Sloan - "Don't Let Go"

Coolia: I find it hard to warm up to this girl. I know she's technically good but, like Simon, I just dont see a lot of personality or oomph in her performance. Maybe she lacks what Randy has coined "the yo factor"?
Terry - Good but not great. Shouted at times but still a very good voice.I take back my earlier references to her looking like a hot Cher. She'sactually a MUCH hotter Streisand.
Nerdia - I really liked Sabrina more and more each week - but I don't believe she has a natural enough look to survive.

Antonella Barba - "Put Your Records On"

Coolia: Antonella can play the violin. At least we know she has a classical music career to fall back on if things don't work out with her Girls Gone Wild deal. This song started out really rough, but she finished strong. I think she should have dressed sexier as that is what's keeping her in. Simon is clearly over her, but I am getting tired of his endless repetition of "this is a singing competition" which contradicts criticism he continually gives to people on their appearance, personality, etc.
Terry - I honestly think she cares more about her looks than her singing because she knows that's what has gotten her this far. This was actually her best to date, but that's not saying much. Way past time for her to go.
Nerdia - I am so over this girl....from way back before she was born.

Haley Scarnato - "If My Heart Had Wings"

Coolia: Haley was a child gymnast, and this performance will likely vault her right out the door. The song was icky, and she didn't add anything special to it. Then when asked how she would respond to Simon's criticism (which included him admitting he couldn't remember her name), she said she was "just clocking in and clocking out." What exactly does that mean?? This is just a job to you? Where's the passion??
Terry - A Star Search performance. Bland and dull.
Nerdia - I feel bad for Haley...I can relate to people thinking you're bland and forgettable. I didn't know what to make of the clocking in and out comment. I liked the professionalism of her emotional disconnect but don't think this was the wisest thing to broadcast.

Stephanie Edwards - "Sweet Thing"

Coolia: Stephanie admits she used to be a shy kid, but she clearly owns the stage now. She took on a challenging song and did a great job with it.
Terry - Very good voice. Good performance. But, I fear her preferred style of music and song choice may not be popular enough to see her very far past the final 12.
Nerdia - Great singer but I don't think the jazzy song choice will win with the youths.

Lakisha Jones - "I Have Nothing"

Coolia: Tonight I learned I cannot invite Lakisha over for tea because she would be afraid of The Edgar Winter Dog and would demand I put him somewhere. But I still think she's great. Like Stephanie, she picked a challenging song and knocked it out of the park. I think if she saw this performance, Whitney would drop her crack pipe to applaud. Also, great outfit choice - I never thought I'd hear Simon tell a plus-sized gal she looked hot.
Terry - Didn't make me forget Whitney but she did again show me she can hold her own with her and her cohorts.
Nerdia - yet another bulls-eye. Is she afraid of birds, too?

Gina Glocksen - "Call Me When You're Sober"

Coolia: Gina looked great and had a lot of energy and spirit. The song really suited her and she rocked it out. I hope she survives. I even voted for her 15 times, because I'm worried she might not. This competition needs a rock chick.
Terry - Good voice but she is NO Evanesence. Over sang overall. But, I did like seeing her feeling comfortable and actually enjoying herself (finally).
Nerdia - She finally won me over. She might surprise us.

Melinda Doolittle - "I'm a Woman"

Coolia: Even though I'll always associate this tune with commercials for Enjoli perfume, I have to say Melinda gave the best performance of the night. I think she might be eclipsing Lakisha as a favorite to win now. She gets more confident each week without ever getting cocky.
Terry - She blew it out again! Her talent has always been present but asher confidence grows each week so does her ability to maximize that talent. She is now the front-runner in my opinion.
Nerdia - love her but no way she's under 38. Way to old seeming to win.


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