Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol - 60s Week - The Top Twelve Boys


David Hernandez - "Midnight Hour"

I thought David had a very strong opening to this song, but the rest of it was pretty conventional. He has a nice tone to his voice, but not a huge personality. He definitely seemed nervous.

Chikezie - "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday"

So many things disappointed me about this performance...first, he reduced his fun rhyming name to one name. Then he wore a ridiculous red suit. Then he delivered a very dull, slow version of this song that sounded really dated. Then he was completely belligerent to Simon and sassed back to every criticism, which is my biggest pet peeve. If not for already having built a fan following through early show coverage, I think he would be kicked off for all this ugliness.

David Cook - "Happy Together"

I don't really like his looks or his hair, but David does have a certain swagger and originality about him. And he managed to make this old chestnut sound somewhat relevant and fun.

Jason Yeager - "Moon River"

Jason is cute, with a cute son. His performance did sound dated, and I'd agree with Simon's "Cruise Ship" assessment. He's likable and has a nice tone to his voice, so I hope he gets another chance and picks a better song.

Robbie Carrico - "One"

I'd like to see Robbie without the Bret Michaels type head wraps once in a while, but he's a pretty good looking dude, with a strong voice and a lot of confidence. He rocked this song. He's a better looking Bo Bice.

David Archuleta - "Shop Around"

David is my favorite! I do want to adopt him! He can even make me like this annoying song. He's the perfect teen idol - likable, confident, good voice, seems genuine.

Danny Noriega - "Jailhouse Rock"

Danny is this year's Sanjaya, only with more talent. He's got a lot of chutzpah and will make it his priority to drop it like it's hot. He's very theatrical and may not have the greatest voice, but he's fun to watch. And anyone that can cause Simon and Paula to get in a big fight definitely makes good TV.

Luke Menard - "Everybody's Talking"

Luke is good looking and has a decent voice, but this was a boring performance. I think he's a goner, since we don't know anything else about him. He dressed schlubby, too, and took exception to Simon calling him "forgettable."

Colton Berry - "Suspicious Minds"

Colton cracked me up when he said he looked like Ellen DeGeneres. I thought his performance was definitely "Cruise Ship" and cheesy, but it was kinda fun, too.

Garrett Haley - "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"

Frampton came alive, but this look-a-like failed to do the same on this horrible song choice. He didn't make it his own and I'd agree with Simon's assessment that he looked haunted. He's got teen idol appeal, with his "look ma I can grow a mustache" bit of facial hair that took me back to 8th grade, not to mention his flowing Leif Garrett locks. But he really looked like a deer in the headlights up there.

Jason Castro - "Daydream"

Wow, Jason's a hunk - cool dreads, nice eyes, definite charisma. His performance was fun and effortless. I expect him to go far.

Michael Johns - "Light My Fire"

The Idol producers definitely dig this guy, giving him the last slot and a lot of airtime on previous shows. And I tend to agree. He's a stud and Randy's comparison to Michael Hutchence was right on.


I think David Hernandez, Chikezie, Luke Menard, Colton Berry, Jason Yeager, and Garrett Haley are all vulnerable, but I predict it will be Luke and Garrett leaving us.

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Dayle Burp said...

If there is one singer that stands out among the rest it's gotta be Danny Noriega. I love the attitude.