Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol - Coolia Rates the Top Ten Girls

Performances and Secrets

Carly Smithson - "Crazy On You"

Carly's secret is that in addition to running a tattoo shop, she also tends bar at an Irish pub. I don't know how well she pours Guinness, but she definitely poured her heart into this performance. It's tough to take on Ann Wilson, and she didn't quite reach the same heights, but she delivered a powerful vocal.

Syesha Mercado - "Me and Mr. Jones"

Syesha revealed she's been in some commercials and, taking a page from the Kady Malloy playbook, she did an impression of a baby crying that was somewhat unsettling. I thought she gave a decent performance, although the verses were kind of plodding. Simon didn't think the song made sense if sung by a girl, which I didn't agree with, but I did agree that she didn't put enough passion into it.

Brooke White - "You're So Vain"

Brooke's secret shame is that she's a beauty school dropout (no graduation day for you!). I think she's too nice for this song. She doesn't seem like she's been used and discarded. With her acoustic guitar, she injected a Sheryl Crow vibe into the song and sang it to Simon, who no doubt likes to watch himself gavotte.

Ramiele Malubay - "Don't Leave me This Way"

Ramiele knows how to hula dance, and that's probably more her forte than disco. She seemed a little stiff and was too smiley for someone with a fire down in her soul that was burning out of control. She's cute, though, and she does know how to belt.

Kristy Lee Cook - "You're No Good"

Kristy's a tomboy. Yeah, we kind of got that impression while being repeatedly shown the videos of her kickboxing and cleaning out horse stalls. Nice outfit that showed off her twin assets, but overall, boring.

Amanda Overmeyer - "Carry On My Wayward Son"

Wow, some bizarre choices here. The hairstyle was Elvira Mistress of the Dark meets Alexis Carrington. The overall look made her seem like a girl who should be sprawled across the hood of a firebird for a Whitesnake album cover. I actually enjoyed her version of this geographic rock classic and thought she rocked it pretty hard, but the judges hated it. She reminds me a bit of Bonnie Tyler. Oh, and her secret was that she was a bookworm. She forgot to mention another secret - she had a DUI arrest.

Alaina Whitaker - "Hopelessly Devoted to You"

Finally, a bizarre secret! Alaina is apparently an OCD sufferer since she doesn't like her food items to touch each other on her plate. This was a bad song choice as even I can pull off an Olivia Newton John song in a karaoke bar - very low degree of difficulty. Plus she wore an unflattering electric blue dress. Her charm from last week seemed to disappear as quickly as Danny vanished from Sandy's life as soon as they got back to Rydell High.

Alexandrea Lushington - "If You Leave Me Now"

A poster child for the Fire Department, Alexandrea is not going to appear on any poster wearing cargo shorts and boots. With that outfit she looked more like a Project Runway reject than an Idol wannabe. I like this song, but it's pretty sleepy.

Kady Malloy - "Magic Man"

Kady sings opera better than she sings Heart. This was a pitchy performance, and her entrance on the stairway was slow and awkward. I agree with the judges - the charisma visible in her videos vanishes when she gets on stage.

Asia'h Epperson - "All By Myself"

Asia'h used to be a cheerleader, but she fell off the top of the pyramid on this one. I guess she gets points for tackling a tough song, but she was all over the place on it. She seemed screechy and flat. She did pull off a strong ending.


Going home - Alaina and Alexandrea

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