Thursday, February 21, 2008

Edgar on the News

Coolia takes me to work with her at Google sometimes. Do you know what they have there? An $11,000 coffee maker. Do I care about that? No. I am way more interested in other perks like unlimited string cheese and smart water. I find I learn tricks much faster when properly hydrated with smart water.

Anyway, I was in a meeting the other day at work when I noticed some commotion outside the conference room. There was a TV camera crew out there! Immediately, I recalled my training from "Who Gets The Dog" and got ready for my close-up. I reared up on my hind legs at the glass door, and they noticed me and put me in the news story! It was just like those old Hollywood stories about starlets getting discovered at the Schwab's soda fountain.

You can see me for about 2 seconds in this news story on Google job perks. Apparently, I am a perk. I am misidentified as Fido here but you'll recognize me. Soon, everyone will!

1 comment:

konberg said...

Maggie claims her reference in the LA Times proves she is more literate than you, but I think she's jealous.

Edgar, your photo is fantastic.