Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol - Terry's Take on the Top 10 Boys

First, nice one, Coolia. Your comments started my day with a good laugh (especially since some of them captured my thoughts exactly).

  • Michael Johns - I definitely saw some Michael Hutchence mannerisms going on there. Just not sure if that's good or bad because I'm not sure if it is a natural thing or cheap copy. And, what an odd song choice. Not bad. But so odd. He sang and performed fine, but fine won't cut it. The song didn't allow him to show his range and strength. It was too restrained for him. Still, he'll be safe. But, come on, Michael, let's be in it to win it, dawg (someone please slap Randy immediately!!).
  • Jason Castro - I guarantee that millions of girls and woman want him to be their everything. I liked it. Was it a great vocal performance? No. But, they don't all have to be great. They do, however, have to be compelling and I though this was. The song itself is understated but I thought he infused his charm into it and it fit together and worked for me.
  • Luke Menard - Terrific vocal. But, nothing near Freddie Mercury. Interestingly, the complete opposite of Jason Castro's performance. Jason Castro's ability to not have a great vocal but still have a really good performance is due to his ability to captivate. Luke has no such ability. And, when you're singing a Freddie Mercury song without any stage presence that lack of charisma just becomes glaring. And, Simon rightfully called him on this.
  • Robbie Carrico - Sorry. My bad. Put the bandanna back on. His "Hot Blooded" was lukewarm. And his insistence that he's a real rocker is falling on deaf ears. Me thinks he doth protest too much. This tepid performance just my have been his last.
  • Danny Noriega - "Don't you remember you love me, baby?".....more like don't forget to lock the door on your way out. Sheesh. This was bad. And it kind of creeped me out the way he kept looking at ME (not that there's anything wrong with that!).
  • David Hernandez - Oh yeah! The Temptations! (and one of my favorite to boot!) I liked his vocal in terms of sound/tone. But, his presentation lacked the seriousness of the situation. It lacked the hurt and subtle but real anger behind the words that drive the song. A really good vocal that should have been even better. But, he showed some promise.
  • Jason Yeager - His voice fit the song really well. Talk about good song choice. Perfect song choice. Yet, such a boring performance. And, he looked liked he was trying way too hard. He looked like a possessed Danny Noriega mannequin. Didn't go home last week but may well be gone after this.
  • Chikezie - Who the hell doesn't know how to pronounce their own name? Maybe I'm too jaded, but I think this "charming" look into Chikezie might have been the result of him reflecting on last week (snotting off to Simon) and thinking, "Uh oh, better do something to win back the love." And, would someone PLEASE slap the "We got a hot one tonight" and "In it to win it, dawg" our of Randy!!! That was tired the second time he said it...and we're on what? 10,000 by now!? Anyway, the singing and performance were far better than last week.
  • David Cook - Our other (real?) rocker. Another vocal that fit the song (yay! they're learning!) Though he didn't pull off a Bono-esque performance, he did sing it very well. But then he turned around and ruined the good vibe by pissing on Simon. Stupid.
  • David Archuleta - "Imagine" this kid selling millions of records and making millions of dollars. Well, imagine no more. That was brilliant. Not only the best of the night but one of the best ever on Idol. I've finally been blown away. (and David is now my favorite to win this thing).
Going home? Tough call. 3 bad performances to choose from. Not yet sure what combo of the 3 to choose for the 2 going home. I'll have to mull it over a bit and consult the crystal ball. Well, I can't really afford crystal. It's more like a big hunk of quartz. And, it's not really a ball. More like a jagged lump. Stop judging me!

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