Saturday, February 09, 2008

American Idol - Hotlanta Auditions

The Good

  • Josh Jones - A rocker and a glass cutter, Josh had scary eyes that freaked Simon out so much he made him sing with his back to the judges. He's got a good rock voice but can he stop buggin'?
  • Asia'h Epperson - Asia'h's dad died in a car accident just two days before her audition, but she emerged as quite a trooper and dedicated a strong performance of "How Do I Live" to her dad. She's pretty and talented and, with a story like that, how can you not root for her? Paula sobbed in sympathy.
  • Brooke Helvie - Brooke is Miss South Florida Fair, which sounds like a character in a Jimmy Buffet song. She's really annoying but proved Simon wrong by demonstrating that a pageant girl could actually sing.
  • Alexandrea Lushington - I wasn't too crazy about her baggy army-style outfit but her voice was good, and she's got a cute 93-year-old grandmother.
  • Amanda Overmeyer - Amanda is a biker and a nurse. She belted a Janis Joplin tune and Randy thought it was hot. I think she's one of the more intriguing contestants - perhaps she'll be this year's Gina Glocksen.
  • Josiah Leming - Young Josiah is living in his car while touring and trying to make it. He's cute with an oddly British voice that charmed Simon but kinda freaked Randy out. I'll root for him. It was refreshing to hear a Snow Patrol tune instead of Celine or Stevie.
The Bad and The Ugly
  • J.P. Tjelmeland - He tried out a few years ago and sat one seat away from Carrie Underwood in line. That's as close as he'll be getting to Idoldom, since Simon declared his pen had more charisma.
  • Eva Miller - Eva decided to sing Vanessa Carlton for some unknown reason and tripped and fell while dancing.
  • Nathan Hite - This goth teen smarted off to Simon, and Simon reprimanded him for being sassy. If this whole Idol thing doesn't work out, Simon should consider becoming a headmaster in a school for wayward boys.

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